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Flaviano Moreira is a Brazilian MSc Business Analytics (online, part-time) student living in Saudi Arabia. At 50 years old and having already completed an MBA, Flaviano has returned to learning. In his blog, Flaviano discusses the holistic learning experience of his online programme at Imperial College Business School, covering the on-campus Induction Week, collaborative online learning, and remote participation in clubs and societies.  

“Imperial offers many opportunities for engagement, and the school is well-prepared to allow online students to benefit fully.” Flaviano Moreira, MSc Business Analytics (online, part-time) 

In 2023, I decided to study MSc Business Analytics as a part-time online student at Imperial College Business School. I have a passion for numbers and have been honing my analytical skills as a consultant in logistics for several years. When I first pursued my studies, data science did not exist,. I found this programme at Imperial and saw it as a great opportunity to reconnect with student life, learn new skills, and prepare myself for future professional challenges. 

I also want to improve my digital skills as I was born in an analog world; I aim to enhance my understanding of the technologies around us and connect better with younger generations. As a consultant, I encounter many young professionals, and it is important to understand their motivations to drive performance in a consulting environment. 

My on-campus experience  

At the start of my journey at Imperial, our cohort was the first to come to London for Induction Week instead of just for exams at the end of the term. When I arrived in London, I was excited to meet my cohort but also a bit nervous due to the age gap, but it was an amazing experience. The week in London was wonderful for bonding with classmates and learning from each of them. They are a great group of people with diverse backgrounds, eager to learn, share, and enjoy time together. It was mentioned that we would learn from each other as much as from the programme content, and I couldn't agree more. 

Imperial prepared a wonderful week for us, covering every detail with great care; it was very useful to be introduced to the various tools we would be using during the term. As a newcomer to various programming tools and environments, having this introduction surrounded by professors and Teaching Assistants (TAs) helped break the ice and ensured a smooth transition when we returned home. The events were designed to allow us to explore the campus, learn about the services provided, and get to know our fellow students better. I found it particularly valuable that Imperial showcased former students who led some of the sessions, providing insights and allowing us to envision our futures through their experiences.  

We left Induction Week eager to continue, full of energy, and with new friends. I also took the opportunity to meet some professors and start discussing my Master's project. The professors are approachable and supportive. 

My online learning environment  

Back home, The Hub - our online learning environment - is great. It contains all the information we need, including materials, reading articles and books, and online classes. It is a comfortable and safe space. The activities are organised to support the learning journey, fostering the exchange of information and learning from others. One of my favourite features is the ability to see other students' answers to questions, providing different perspectives and feedback from tutors, which enhances the learning experience. This incremental knowledge-building prepares us for more challenging activities. 

The course balances teamwork and individual work, which I believe Imperial masters. In a technical programme, it is important to craft course material that develops one's abilities while also incorporating teamwork. Teamwork is both challenging and rewarding; we work with bright minds with diverse backgrounds, enriching the experience. Learning each group's dynamics and ways of interaction is relevant and supportive to daily working life. For me, it has been particularly interesting to work with a younger generation and bridge this gap. The Business School helps by placing us in teams within similar time zones, and people are flexible and willing to participate. So far, I am very happy with the collaborative learning - we have accomplished many tasks together, developing trust and companionship. Group members become a safe port to share information, ask for support, and help each other. 

My flexible study schedule  

While studying alone, I prefer to stay at my workplace, which is quiet after most people leave, this allows me to concentrate. We also have a WhatsApp group for the entire cohort and use Microsoft Teams to stay connected and reach the TA team. This allows us to discuss and continue learning together. My study routine involves extending my hours at the workplace to balance work and study.  

The programme is challenging and interesting, and as I might be a bit rusty, I need to study for a significant amount of time. On weekends, I combine studying with rest and go to the gym, which is essential for maintaining my energy. 

My Imperial community  

Imperial offers many opportunities for engagement, and the school is well-prepared to allow online students to benefit fully. There are many options to engage with interesting people. I have already participated in the Analytics for Society Award, where my team and I prepared a project on managing risk in microfinance and won an award. It was rewarding and special to collaborate with colleagues on this project. I am also the Research Head of the Real Estate Club at Imperial, where we prepare weekly posts and monthly reports on the real estate sector. Working in this group of four has been a great experience, teaching us how to organise ourselves, improve our skills, and share good moments. One club activity included a week in New York, where we met 87 students from Europe and North America, attended a two-day seminar at Columbia on AI in Real Estate, visited iconic buildings, and networked with leading companies. 

Lastly, I am an ambassador for the school, participating in roundtables to share our experiences. This has been another rewarding activity, allowing me to connect with people seeking to enhance their careers. It is fulfilling to share my journey, answer questions, and discuss future options with people around the globe. All in all, this has been an amazing journey.