A solution to balance risks for economic recovery

Academics from Imperial College Business School have created a research tool to calculate personal risk from coronavirus based on everyday activities.  

The web-based YRisk-COVID app is designed to help people estimate their individual daily risk of infection from COVID-19, which may help people plan and manage their lives more effectively when lockdown restrictions lift. 

The app is a research tool which is still in the development stages and looks at a wide range of activities including work, modes of travel and social activities which will help Imperial academics gain useful insights into the wider economic impact associated with people’s daily activities. 

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How the app works

Users input information about aspects of their daily lives, including:

•    Household occupants
•    Location
•    Workplace
•    Commuting

Once complete, there are a series of questions relating to the number of hours spent on various activities and the frequency of interactions with members of their household and others outside the home.

This then generates a personalised risk ‘score’ which can help people adjust their daily routines to help minimise their risk of catching the virus.

While the app is unique in that it focuses on personal risk, it is not intended to supplant other apps, such as that from the NHS for COVID tracking.