Life at Imperial College Business School

Imperial College London is a top ten global University, which offers a renowned student experience, and a vibrant and diverse student network.

Our vision at the Business School is to work in partnership with you to create an outstanding and memorable experience that reflects our values and builds a lifelong, global community.

Whatever your passion, there are a range of opportunities through which you can create the type of experience you want.  Whether that is taking on a leadership role and working collaboratively to help shape the future of the Business School; being an engaged and proactive member of our community and creating memorable school-wide networking, sports or social events; showcasing innovation or developing your entrepreneurial ideas through Enterprise lab activities and competitions; or using your skills, expertise and experience to benefit society.

Whatever your motivations, you will find opportunities to expand your network, develop your leadership and team-building skills, meet innovative and creative people and broaden your horizons, enabling you to create a transformative experience.

Imperial is a place of immense opportunity. The range of available clubs, societies and conferences you can attend is truly astounding. The alumni network is also an incredible source of inspiration and global opportunities for every student.
Sotiris Kopatsaris
MSc Management and Future Leaders Scholarship
Sotiris Kopatsaris