Start of term

Preparing for the start of term

We are very much looking forward to meeting you on the first day of term!

Your dedicated programme team are busy planning a fun and informative itinerary for your induction. Induction is a fantastic opportunity to get to know your programme team, the campus, and of course your new classmates so it is very important that you are in attendance for this.

Start dates


Executive MBA 6 February 2019
Weekend MBA 1 April 2019
Full-Time MBA 2 September 2019
Global Online MBA 2 September 2019
Global Online MBA  13 January 2020

Finance Master’s programmes

MSc Finance 30 August 2019
MSc Finance & Accounting 30 August 2019
MSc Financial Technology 30 August 2019
MSc Investment & Wealth Management 30 August 2019
MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering 30 August 2019

Management Master’s programmes

MSc International Management 2 September 2019
MSc Management 2 September 2019
MSc Economics & Strategy for Business 2 September 2019
MSc Strategic Marketing 2 September 2019

Specialised Master’s programmes

MSc Business Analytics 30 August 2019
MSc Business Analytics (Online) 7 October 2019
MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 30 August 2019
MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2 September 2019
MSc International Health Management 30 August 2019

Doctoral programme

Doctoral programme/MRes 2 September 2019

Undergraduate programmes

Joint Honours / Intercalated BSc  30 September 2019


You’ll be contacted via email closer to the start of term with confirmation of your arrival time so please make sure you check your nominated email account regularly. In the meantime, you MUST ensure that you have completed online registration before you can begin your studies.


What to bring

On your first day of term, please only bring essentials with you, as you will be given all of your programme materials when you arrive. There are specific laptop requirements for MSc Business Analytics students.


Dress code

The dress code for the first day is Business attire. This is also recommended for when you are attending employer presentation or events. The dress code for the Business School in general, however, is casual.

Welcome events

Welcome Events for all students will be listed on Imperial’s New Students website, where you can also find information about finances, support services and life as a student.

If you have Facebook, make sure you’ve joined your programme’s Facebook group as this is a great way to get to know your future classmates before you’ve even stepped foot in the Business School!

International students

If you are an international student, make sure you check out the International Students page to see what support is available to International students pre and post arrival at Imperial College.