Preparing for the start of term

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Imperial College Business School on the first day of term!

Your dedicated programme team are busy planning a fun and informative itinerary for your induction, and you will be contacted via email close to the start of term with further information about the first day so please make sure you check your nominated email account regularly. In the meantime, you MUST ensure that you have completed online registration before you can begin your studies.

Start dates for 2020-21

Finance Masters'

MSc Finance - 4 September 2020

MSc Finance & Accounting - 3 September 2020

MSc Financial Technology - 4 September 2020

MSc Investment & Wealth Management - 3 September 2020

MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering - 4 September 2020

Management Masters'

Specialised Masters'

MBA programmes

Full-Time MBA – 7 September 2020

Global Online MBA - 11 January 2021

Executive MBA - 10 February 2021

Weekend MBA - 19 April 2021

Doctoral programme

Doctoral programme - 3 September 2020

Transition points

These are the suggested dates when you can join the on-campus mode of teaching and they align with the teaching blocks of the modules within your programme.The below dates have also taken into consideration the disruption that some of our students are likely to experience in coming to the UK, and they allow you to focus on processing visas (if required), finding suitable accommodation, and travelling to London before needing to be physically on campus.

If you are unable to be on campus for a specific transition point, we may recommend you start/continue with the fully online delivery option until the next available date.

For September, there is a transition window, as we understand travel plans may be complicated. You should aim to arrive as soon as possible during the window. Please remember the transition point you choose has no impact on you starting the programme in September, as we are delivering the academic experience via a multi-mode approach.

Programme September October November January 2021
MSc Finance 4 - 28 12 16 11
MSc Finance & Accounting 3 - 28 12 16 11
MSc Financial Technology 4 - 28 12 16 11
MSc Investment & Wealth Management 3 - 28 12 16 11
MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering 4 - 28 12 16 11
MSc International Management 4 - 14 26 N/A 11
MSc Management 4 - 14 26 N/A 11
MSc Economics & Strategy for Business 3 - 14 26 N/A 11
MSc Strategic Marketing  7 - 14 26 N/A 11
MSc Business Analytics 3 - 14 26 N/A 11
MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 7 - 14 26 N/A 11
MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 4 - 14 26 N/A 11
MSc International Health Management 7 - 14 26 N/A 11
Full-Time MBA 7 - 21 26 N/A 4
Undergraduate N/A 5 16 4

Your questions on transition points answered

What if am going to be delayed on arriving for my transition point?

If you won’t be able to arrive in time for the indicated transition point please contact your programme manager, who can advise you on how best to proceed. It might be possible for you to join as soon as you are in London, but we might also recommend you follow remotely for the balance of the teaching block and join at the next transition point. We will facilitate additional Spring transition points at a later stage, but if you plan to take advantage of the Graduate Worker Route Visa you will need to be settled in the UK no later than April 6th.

Is there space for everyone to start the same transition point?

Yes, but we are encouraging candidates to take the time necessary to process their visas, find suitable living accommodation, and travel to London.  Therefore, students should not feel obligated to join the first transition point. We want to make the transition to London for study as comfortable as possible. Your student and academic experience will not be impacted by the choice of your transition point, and you will have access to career services and other relevant parts of your programme, whether you are on campus or studying remotely.

When do I have to confirm which transition point I am planning to join?

We would please ask you to confirm your plans of joining the face-to-face sessions and your selected transition point ideally no later than August 18th and you must have met all your offer conditions and paid your programme deposit, before you will be confirmed a specific transition point. Please ensure you keep your programme manager up to date with your travel plans as you approach a transition point.

If I am unable to join during a transition point but still come to the UK can I come on campus?

While Campus will be open for students, please note all common spaces such as the library will have reduced access to accommodate for effective Health and Safety measures to protect all students, staff and faculty.  More information on this point will be made available over the coming weeks as campus is reopened for the Autumn 2020 session.

What to expect at the start of term

What should I bring?

On your first day of term, please only bring essentials with you, as you will be given all of your programme materials when you arrive. There are specific laptop requirements for MSc Business Analytics students.

What are the minimum technical requirements for online learning?

Where teaching will be a combination of on-campus and remote learning (online) due to COVID-19, your device and internet access are the most important components of a rewarding remote or online experience.

We want to make certain that you have all the necessary resources available to make the most of your experience. You can find out more on our technical requirements page.

Dress code

Students are requested to wear business attire on their first day. The normal dress code for the Business School is casual; however we would recommend business attire on any days that you are attending employer presentations or events.

Welcome events

Welcome Events for all students will be listed on Imperial’s New Students website, where you can also find information about finances, support services and life as a student.

If you have Facebook, make sure you’ve joined your programme’s Facebook group as this is a great way to get to know your future classmates before you’ve even stepped foot in the Business School!

International students

If you are an international student, make sure you check out the International Students page to see what support is available to International students pre and post arrival at Imperial College.