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Marketing faculty and PhD students are part of the Department of Analytics, Marketing and Operations. The department welcomes doctoral applicants from a wide variety of academic disciplines who are united by a desire to conduct innovative research. PhD students have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty whose projects engage a range of different industries as well as qualitative and quantitative researchers from across Imperial. With its small intake, the PhD marketing programme at Imperial College London provides a high faculty-student ratio in a supportive environment, preparing students for academic careers in top Business Schools worldwide.

Research areas

Marketing projects examine a number of key challenges, from the differing notion of brand attachment to managing employee and customer behaviour, from aggregating and understanding diverse information sources in decision-making to the nature of purchase decisions, strategic marketing problems such as long-term effectiveness of digital and non-digital marketing efforts, statistical modelling and testing, modelling cross-market (spatial) dependencies for both Internet and non-Internet data. Our research offers important insights and solutions for firms and organisations in a range of industries.

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Research Centres and Partnerships

Researchers working in the Marketing area have a number of close links with the research centres within the School. Specifically, Imperial Business Analytics, which brings business-focused academics and data science specialists together for research in how business analytics, data, and artificial intelligence will change business and society.  Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation, linking innovation and entrepreneurship in companies and institutions globally, through thought leadership, research, technology and next-generation innovation models. Climate Finance and Investment, works to unlock solutions within capital markets to address the challenges posed by global climate change.

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Doctoral Theses in Marketing

Name Theses title Supervisor(s)
Darcie Dixon Self-Signalling in Consumer Choice: Conceptional Underpinnings and Empirical Evidence Dr Sven Mikolon, Dr Johan Hattula
Lin Dong Organizing Processes in a Shadow Institutional Field maintains Professor Andrea Eisingerich, Dr Omar Merlo
Boshuo Guo Paths on a Website: Research on Consumers’ Online Search and Purchase Behaviours Using Clickstream Data Dr Catarina Sismeiro, Professor Tommaso Valletti
Yuting Lin The Effects of Hope and Anxiety in Driving Consumer Intentions to Adopt New Product Solutions Professor Andrea Eisingerich, Dr Mirjam Tuk
Ruzandra Luca The Role of Visual Attention in Product Selection Dr Mirjam Tuk, Professor Andreas Eisingerich
Artemis Panigyraki Suspicion in Consumer Choice: Theoretical Concepts and New Empirical Evidence Dr Sven Mikolon, Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi
Vian Sharif Exploring self-based consumer behaviour approaches to understand demand reduction for rhino horn and ivory Professor Andreas Eisingerich
Britney Wanxin Wang Three Paths to Brand Growth: New Product Introduction, Digital Advertising, and Crowdfunding Dr Catarina Sismeiro

Practical experience

PhD students in the Marketing area have the opportunity to teach on programmes at the Business School such as MSc Strategic Marketing and MSc Management, as well as on our MBA suite.

Administrative label
Doctoral CTA - Marketing

Master's in Research

If you pursue the Doctoral programme and choose a research area within Analytics & Operations or Marketing, you will pursue a one year MRes, followed by four years of independent research. For all other research areas you will pursue a two year MRes followed by four years of independent research. 

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