Edtech Lab

The world-leading centre of excellence for high-engagement, tutor-led online business education.


We create people-centric learning experiences. From conception through to delivery, we are guided by the principle that learning is a creative, personal and, above all, human process. Our high quality, crafted learning environments are highly interactive, community-orientated and actively tutored. Our courses offer an engaging experience designed to facilitate natural learning behaviours.

We adopt cutting-edge technologies when available and build our own when needed. Our flexible and user-friendly platform is best-in-class and unites our school with learners around the world in transformational learning journeys.


No compromise. Our online courses offer the absolute equivalent of our campus-based programmes. They adopt the same rigorous academic standards, are delivered via our world-leading faculty and offer a comparable high-touch approach to the classroom experience.

Evidence-based: We are building an evidence base as to what works and what doesn’t work in online education. We incorporate successful experiments into our approach and drop those that do not. This evidence-based approach enables us to build courses that work.

How we develop our programmes

Our unique learning design methodology, OSCAR, provides a robust pedagogical framework for transforming on-campus master’s degree programmes into equivalent online or blended learning provision. Our rich and creative design process focuses on deep collaboration between faculty and learning designers, supported by Imperial College’s teaching excellence.

  • Organise module curriculum materials, develop learning outcomes and identify the pedagogical framework
  • Structure module outline by dividing curriculum into timed units, align learning outcomes and determine the locality of assessments and live sessions
  • Compose storyboard shell and develop a pedagogical approach by selecting appropriate activity types
  • Audit storyboard for a blend of activities, workload balance and timings
  • Review in the context of the wider programme objectives.