Programme content

An interdisciplinary programme that will teach you how to combine the rigour of analytical thinking with a strategic focus

MSc Economics and Strategy for Business draws on the expertise of Business School faculty in economics and strategy, as well as experts in other areas of business such as business analytics, finance,  innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, healthcare management and energy economics, providing a uniquely Imperial view of economic and strategic thinking.

Technology is an integral part of our programme. A range of teaching innovations will enhance your learning and bring digital media, particularly social media, into the classroom.

Pre-study modules
These online modules will give you basic knowledge of areas which will be covered by the programme throughout the academic year.

Core modules
Split into three distinct phases, MSc Economics & Strategy for Business will teach you to combine the rigour of analytical thinking with a strategic focus.

Summer projects
Gain practical experience by completing a Consulting Project or Work Placement, and the ESB report.


The ESB Core, during the Autumn term, provides a broad understanding of the tools of economics and strategy.

The ESB Advantage, during the Spring term, builds on the Core to deepen students’ understanding of business economics and strategy.

ESB Applications bring the theory together to focus on practical application, throughout the Summer term, enabling graduates to really hit the ground running in their post-graduation careers.


Due to the intense schedule and workload for MSc Economics & Strategy for Business, we strongly recommend students do not seek part time employment for the duration of the programme. 

Candidates that fail to successfully complete this degree are not entitled to a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma.