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Practical, real world experience

In the summer, you will get the chance to integrate and apply your knowledge in the Business Simulation and ESB report

You will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience by completing a Consulting Project, Work Placement or Case Study.  

Business Simulation

A simulation exercise designed to draw together the various aspects of the programme and to test your capacity to integrate the material and to apply it to a realistic situation.

ESB Report

This is a 5000 word unsupervised, individual essay on one of five broad themes: Global Perspectives, Digital Perspectives, Sustainable Perspectives, General Management Perspectives or Economic Perspectives.

Consulting Project

This is a substantial group-based project undertaken for a real client. It gives you the opportunity to apply the programme material to the solution of a real business problem, and to gain valuable consulting experience. It provides a capstone for the programme.

Previous Consulting Projects completed by our students include:

Work Placement

The work placement aims to contribute to the development of your potential by providing you the opportunity to apply the material of the programme to a challenging business situation in which you are fully immersed. The focus is on developing your skills in one specific business context, drawing on the knowledge and skills achieved across the modules. The work placement will give students the opportunity to experience and operate in a real world situation and gain experience in a corporate environment. Students are responsible for sourcing their own work placement, which must be approved in advance by the Academic Director.

Case Study

This module is designed to develop your economic and strategic capabilities by applying your acquired theoretical knowledge, analytical and managerial skills towards the development of a 'forensic' analysis of a major global company.

Students are required to identify a global company and generate a balanced 'case study' to provide a forensic business analysis from its historic development to current global status and future potential options. You will analyse your chosen corporation from a global macro perspective, apply economic and strategic concepts as the basis for analysis, and use detailed secondary research to underpin analysis. 

Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter modules whenever they need to be amended or improved. Faculty may also change as and when required

"In addition to the in-depth knowledge that we have been gaining, I would say the most rewarding aspect has been developing myself both personally and professionally. By working as a team, having discussions with guest speakers and attending different workshop sessions, I have been constantly challenged, inspired and motivated. These opportunities have been encouraging me to take initiative in everything I do and developing valuable relationships that will help me to cultivate a successful career in the future."
MSc Economics & Strategy for Business 2021
Xinran Liu MSc Economics and Strategy for Business 2020-21