Emplyment report - MSc Finance

MSc Investment & Wealth Management employment report – Class of 2021

Our MSc Investment & Wealth Management has an excellent worldwide reputation, attracting high calibre students from across the world. World-class teaching and tailored support from the Careers service maximises the potential of our students to become successful future leaders in the finance industry.

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MSc Investment & Wealth Management Chart Employment Data

Employment data

97 %
Employed within three months (MSc Investment & Wealth Management)
61 %
Employed in UK
18 %
Employed in Asset/Investment Management

Download our Finance Masters' employment report to discover the sectors, regions and companies in which our graduates are employed as well as salary information.

Please note all figures refer to graduates who were seeking employment and shared employment data with us.

"The Business School’s connection to the wider Imperial College London community means that your alumni network expands even further, and you get access to an even more diverse range of industries outside of just finance – all of whom are just as willing to help you out as Business School alumni. Imperial College London’s international recognition as a top university is another benefit of this connection. There are also plenty of Imperial College London careers fairs and extracurricular events that you get access to from being at the Business School."
MSc Investment & Wealth Management 2021
Tom Kan, MSc Investment & Wealth Management 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School