Capstone Consulting Experience

Applying your learning to a real business problem

The Capstone Consulting Experience (CCE) gives you the opportunity to solve a complex/strategic problem facing a real client with a team of your peers from the Weekend MBA programme. This module focusses on developing your skills in managing a real consulting project from inception to completion, drawing on the knowledge and skills achieved in other modules and in the Personal Leadership Journey. Clients, based in the UK or abroad, include large multinational companies, SMEs, governments, entrepreneurial ventures and NGOs.

Taking on the role of a team of consultants, you will work closely with project leads from the client’s company to help define their problem and deliver an effective, well-researched, implementable solution. You will be responsible for the delivery of the project from the beginning to the end, including managing the relationship with the client’s project lead.

The client will identify one or more project leads from the client’s company who will liaise with you for the duration of the project. The project lead will be your contact to negotiate with for access to any data and information relevant to the project which may not be in the public domain.