MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance

This programme gives graduates the interdisciplinary skills required to tackle business issues relating to climate change and sustainability.

Learn from leading practitioners and world-class faculty how to put the latest academic thinking and business and climate change strategies into practice.

Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities

Do you want to know more about how a warming planet is changing the landscape for investing?  Geared towards professionals working in financial markets, this course provides a solid introduction to the financial risks and opportunities arising from man-made climate change.

Our aim is to help you answer a simple question: Does climate risk matter to investors?  We do this by defining the financial risks related to climate change and follow with the investment policies and risk management strategies that are taking shape. This course is also a starting point for risk and strategy managers anticipating the impacts from the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) asking firms to disclose the climate risks they face. In short, the course is a primer on how global capital markets are responding the world’s greatest environmental risk.

Participants will be exposed to   the latest thinking from senior leaders in financial services and multinational firms. The course is led by business school faculty and The Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College London; designed by investment practitioners for finance professionals and those aspiring to enter the field.

What you’ll learn

  • How to define climate risks into distinct categories
  • The concepts of physical risks (eg. stranded assets) and transition risks (eg. renewable energy technology developments).
  • Emerging trends in the transition towards climate-resilient investing
  • Ways of thinking about potential winners and losers in a lower carbon economy
  • Sources of financing emerging within the private sector for new investments


This is a free online Executive Education course. The course is self-paced over approximately 20 hours.

The course includes readings, video lectures from Imperial College academics, practitioner interviews, and is complemented with topical references and interactive participation exercises.

This course is produced by Imperial College Business School in partnership with EIT Climate KIC and hosted on the EdX platform. Imperial College London is in the top ten of the world’s universities, a leader in climate change innovation, and is situated at the heart of the world’s financial capital.

The 5 Minute Summary