Huawei logo The Imperial College-Huawei Data Science Innovation Lab is a joint academia-industry partnership between Imperial College London and Huawei. Based in the centre of London, UK, this lab is part of the Data Science Institute.

The mission of this lab is to foster cooperation between Imperial College London and Huawei Research by funding research projects at Imperial College in the area of Big Data. Like the Institute, we strive to encourage interdisciplinary research. In particular, we intend to show that innovative data analytics methods developed in one application domain (e.g., health care) can be reused successfully in another (e.g., telecommunication networks).

For the period 2014-2016, five research themes have been shortlisted:

  • high performance deep learning
  • scalable models of information propagation in networks
  • scalable algorithms for mining high-dimensional / high-frequency data
  • body sensor networks and informatics
  • big data for big science.