Imaging Informatics, or Medical Imaging Informatics, aims to improve the efficiency, accuracy, usability and reliability of medical imaging services within the medical industryIt is devoted to the study of how information about and contained within medical images is retrieved, analyzed, enhanced, and exchanged throughout the medical industry.

Check out the research Dr. Fangde Liu has recently been working on. TensorDB:Lab is described as "autonomous deep learning in the Cloud" and is known as a data manager and infracture/tool builder. Listen to his presentation below.  


Ongoing Projects


Image result for biogen idecOPTIMISE is a Joint Working collaboration between Imperial College London and the biopharmaceutical company Biogen Idec.  The OPTIMISE project develops and deploys tools for collecting a wide range of data from people with MS in addition to routine clinical assessments.   The project works to integrate brain scans, genomics data, biomarkers from blood samples, self-reported quality of life measures and data from sensors that track movement into a single database

Read more about the project here

Smart Heart

The SmartHeart project is a Programme Grant funded as part of EPSRC’s recent healthcare technologies initiative to develop new technologies to address the health issues of an aging UK population. Specifically, the SmartHeart project aims to improve the range of applications for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in diagnosis of cardiovascular disease through machine learning.