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An interdisciplinary group bringing together AI, data and climate experts from around the College.

Imperial’s Data Science Institute and Grantham Institute have jointly set up a new research lab, ‘Data & AI 4 Climate’ to tackle climate change.

The Data & AI 4 Climate Lab is a new interdisciplinary group that brings together data, AI and climate experts from around the College. The labs are designed to increase to the number of opportunities for joint proposals.

If you have any questions about the lab you can email DSI Comms.

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Find out more about the launch event.

The launch event took place on 11th January 2024 and began with a presentation on an introduction to Climate Science from Joeri Rogelj from the Grantham Institute.

Find out more about it by reading this Imperial News Story. 

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The Data & AI 4 Climate Lab has a teams group for people to connect, to share data and climate resources. 

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