Education banner One of the core objectives of the Data Science Institute is to promote the training and education of the new generation of data scientists by developing and coordinating the teaching of data science in degree courses, executive education training, and engaging students in data science activity.

Education and Training Programmes

The Data Science Institute provides teaching for students on Imperial's MSc Business Analytics course, as well as undergraduate MEng Design Engineering students.

The DSI aims to further strengthen the College's data science education provision as our resources grow. Within the coming years the Institute plans to:

  • Further introduce data science modules in degree programmes across Imperial's four faculties. 
  • Provide executive education training to corporations and industry groups on an ad-hoc basis, dependent on and tailored for industry needs.

For students interested in studying data science, there are a number courses available at Imperial College that are highly applicable. These include:


Outside of formal data science education and training, we also run a rich series of events, and participate in public outreach events such as the Imperial Fringe events and Imperial Festival.