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Validate AI is an independent community interest company, dedicated to making AI systems trustworthy, reliable and safe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now deeply embedded in decision-making for banking, health, taxation, environmental, agriculture and defence sectors to name but a few.

The collaboration of Imperial with Validate AI promotes the discussion about how we can improve validation and verification methods to improve AI systems, advocating for a cross-sectoral collaborative approach between academia, government and industry to maximise impact. The collaboration also involves designing and testing AI certification schemes. 

In the Imperial partnership with Validate AI, Imperial has offered extensive strategic and financial support as well as world class expertise to address this immense societal challenge.

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Other supporters of Validate AI initiatives include University College London, Oxford, Nottingham University, Edinburgh University, HM Revenue and Customs, UK Statistics Authority, NICE, Alan Turning Institute, Ada Lovelace Institute, Capital One, Google Deepmind, Twitter and Five AI. 

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Developing AI Assurance Certification Schemes

The effect of artificial intelligence on our lives is quickly growing – and will continue to do so. But how can we ensure the AI does not cause harm to society?

Imperial MBA students recently worked on a Data Spark project with Validate AI, conducting focus groups with consumers and system developers to help create a universal certification system that effectively reflects the trustworthiness of a programme. 

For more information on the Data Spark project read this article published by Imperial College Business School. 

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Register for the upcoming AI Assurance Workshop

When do we trust? How do we decide whom to trust? And what makes a system trustworthy?

By 2030, it is estimated that AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy. Incorrectly validated and verified AI systems can have immense economic, societal and environmental harm and the consequences of mis-use of this technology can be disastrous. As AI technology further advances, the threats of AI increase and could potentially create an existential threat.

Effective AI assurance and certification systems are required in order to mitigate the risks and evidence AI that is developed in a safe and trusted manner. This VAI workshop roadshow proposal will start at Imperial College London and will travel across the Validate AI academic partner network.

In this AI Assurance Workshop hosted by Validate AI, we invite industry practitioners and academics to come together and learn how to build and assure trustworthy AI.

In the hour-long session, participants can expect to understand the need for AI Assurance and participate in various tasks relating to designing and implementing AI certification schemes.

This event is by invitation only however if you wish to attend and have not yet been invited you can register your interest here.