Management Team

Mark Kennedy DSI Director

Dr Mark Kennedy


Mark Kennedy leads the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Imperial and teaches on Ph.D., Masters, and Executive courses in the Business School and the DSI. His current projects include the evolution of AI and its impact on work, organisations, and society, and understanding how individuals pick the people they rely on for friendship, help, and advice in work and life.  

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Rossella Arcucci

Dr Rossella Arcucci

Director of Research

Rossella is a Senior Lecturer in Data Science and Machine Learning at Imperial College London where she leads the Data Assimilation and Machine Learning (Data Learning) Group. She is also the elected speaker of the Artificial Intelligence Network of Excellence at Imperial College, where she represents ~300 academics working on AI.

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Kai Sun Operations Manager

Dr Kai Sun

Institute Manager

Dr. Kai Sun is the Institute Manager of the Data Science Institute, responsible for managing operations and research projects. She earned her PhD in Computing from Imperial College London in 2014. Her research interests include translational data management, network analysis, and blockchain-based decentralised systems.

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Core Team

Amandeep Bahia

Amandeep Bahia

Research Group Administrator

Amandeep supports the day-to-day running of the Data Science Institute in terms of finance, HR and general office management.

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Wenjia Bai

Dr Wenjia Bai

Senior Lecturer 

Dr Wenjia Bai is a Senior Lecturer in AI in Medicine. He is jointly affilitated with Department of Computing and Department of Brain Sciences. His research focuses on developing novel medical image computing and machine learning algorithms to enhance our understanding about health and diseases.

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Brython Caley-Davies

Brython Caley-Davies

Systems Engineer in Large Scale Data Visualisation

Brython operates the DSI's visualisation facilities, including the Data Observatory and Visual Corridor. He also helps administer the DSI Cloud and develops the Open Visualisation Environment.

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Core staff 2

Florian Guitton

Florian Guitton

Systems Engineer and Infrastructure Manager

Mr Florian Guitton received a BSc in Software Engineering from Epitech (France) in 2011 and a MSc in Advanced Computing, specialized in Computational Intelligence, from the University of Kent (United Kingdom) in 2012. 

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Ping Huang

Ping Huang

Manager of Events and Education

Ping orchestrates a wide array of events and educational initiatives, including research seminars, conferences, workshops, summer/winter schools, short training courses, and research-focused programs. She actively fosters DSI's relationships with academic and industrial partners, as well as stakeholders, to ensure long-term success.

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Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye

Dr Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye

Associate Professor 

Dr Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye is Assistant Professor in the Department of Computing and Research fellow at the Data Science Institute where he heads the Computational Privacy Group. 

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Core team 3

Gemma Ralton

Gemma Ralton

Communications Officer

Gemma manages all internal and external communications for the DSI including website content, digital publications, social channels alongside overseeing any other outreach or public engagement work for the institute.

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Ovidiu Serban

Dr Ovidiu Șerban

Data Observatory Team Leader 

Ovidiu leads the research and development of the Data Observatory. Ovidiu’s research focuses on modern data science techniques, including large-scale visualisation and real-time natural language processing. He is also a contributor to the Science Actually Podcast.

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Researchers, Postdocs and PhD students

Data Learning Group

The Data Learning Group is led by Dr Rossella Arcucci.


Andrianirina Rakotoharisoa

Research Postgraduate

Andrianirina is a PhD student who's research combines air pollution data from remote sensors and satellites with machine learning and data science to analyse the corporate environmental impact. 

Arianna Olivelli

Research Postgraduate

Arianna is a PhD student in chemical oceanography at the Grantham Institute and the Department of Earth Science and Engineering. Her research focuses on tracing lead pollution from sources on land to the ocean.


César Quilodrán-Casas

Research Associate
César is a postdoctoral researcher working at the intersection of digital twins and environmental data science for different applications such as air pollution and extreme weather forecasting.


Che Liu

Research Postgraduate


As a Postgraduate Student, My primary research interest is using Machine Learning and Data Assimilation on Mulitmodal Medical Data (such as image, signal, text, etc.), as well as their translation to clinical research and healthcare. He is also interested in Machine Learning and Data Assimilation for Dynamical Systems. 


Jake Lever

Research Postgraduate
Jake's research focuses on using data science and machine learning to increase the accuracy of natural disaster models and predictions and improve the social response to these types of events.  


Robert Platt

Research Postgraduate
Rob is a PhD student applying Machine Learning models to hyperspectral remote sensing data of Mars, to characterize the surface geology and mineralogy, specifically of Oxia Planum.


Dr Sibo Cheng

Research Associate
As a Postdoctoral Researcher, Sibo works on field reconstruction and parameters identification in dynamical systems using advanced machine learning and data assimilation methods with real-world applications, such as wildfire and fluid dynamics.

Computational Privacy Group

The Computational Privacy Group is led by Dr Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye. 

Bozhidar Stevanoski

Research Postgraduate

As a Research Assistant, Bozhidar studies the intersection of machine learning and privacy with a focus on machine learning-based attacks against query-based systems. 


Florient Guepin

Research Postgraduate

Florent's research interests include privacy attacks against machine learning systems and generative sustems such as GANs.  


Matthieu Meeus

Research Postgraduate
Matthieu's research interests include privacy attacks against computer vision and language models and bias and fairness in machine learning.  


Yifeng Mao

Research Postgraduate
Yifeng's research interests include privacy-preserving ML, synthetic data generation protecting personal anonymity, and attach methods against cencus datasets and ML models.  

Medical Vision Group

The Medical Vision Group is led by Dr Wenjia Bia. Their research focuses on developing computer vision algorithms for medical imaging and defining vision for future healthcare. 

Berke Doğa Basaran

Research Postgraduate

Doğa is a postgraduate researcher pursuing a PhD in the AI4Health CDT studying Multiple Sclerosis brain lesion segmentation using machine learning. 



Jing Xu

Research Postgraduate


Jing is a postgraduate researcher in the Department of Computing. Her research interest includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI in Healthcare. She is affiliated jointly to the Data Science Institute and the BioMedIA Group. Jing obtained her Master‘s degree in Electronic and Information Engineering at Tsinghua University. 




Kate Čevora

Research Postgraduate


After several years in industry as a reserach Data Scientist, Kate is now working towards a PhD in improving generalisation of machine learning models for automated medical image segmentation.




Marco Visentin

Research Postgraduate


As a PhD student, Marco is dedicated to the development of trustworthy deep learning models in the field of medical image analysis, especially in the context of thyroid ultrasounds. 


Dr Mengyun Qiao

Research Associate


Dr. Mengyun Qiao is a Research Associate. Her primary research area revolves around the development of machine learning algorithms specialized for medical image analysis. Her current focus centers on pioneering deep generative models with the capacity to comprehend spatio-temporal variations in cardiac anatomy. Additionally, she investigates the clinical applications of generative models. Dr. Qiao's research interests span medical image analysis, machine learning, generative models, data augmentation, and causality.



Xinru Zhang

Research Postgraduate
As a visiting Ph.D. student, Xinru's research in Neuro Imaging, guided by Dr. Wenjia Bai, centers on deep learning, with a focus on data augmentation methods and foundation model with prompts for Brain Imaging Segmentation.

Data Curation, Knowledge Management and Visualisation

The Data Curation, Knowledge Management and Visualisation Group is led by Dr Ovidiu Serban. 


Ryan Ong

Research Postgraduate

Ryan's research interests include natural language processing, knowledge graphs, informational retrieval, and data science. 



Weihang Zhang

Research Postgraduate
As a PhD student, Weihang works in the field of knowledge base management and its applications in the factual verification domain.

Shuojie Fu

Research Assistant in Data Curation and Data Science
Shuojie is a Research Assistant at the Department of Surgery and Cancer in Imperial College. She works closely with the Data Science Institute on a project about data curation related to breast cancer.

Biomedical Informatics

The Biomedical Informatics Group is led by Dr Kai Sun and Florian Guitton. 


Guanyu Tao

Research Assistant

Guanyu Tao works on the IDEA-FAST project contributing to data management platform and analytical environment developed and hosted by Imperial College London. His research interests include data analysis, deep learning and data management.


Jianfeng Wang

Research Assistant
Jianfeng Wang works on the IDEA-FAST project contributing to the data management platform and analytical environment developed and hosted by Imperial College London. His research interests are in natural language processing, computer vision, and their applications: medical visual question answering and multimodal pretraining. 


Dr Jingquin Zhang

Research Associate
Jingqing's research focuses on language models, natural language processing, deep learning, and their applications in healthcare and life science. Jingqing obtains his PhD from DSI under Yike's supervision and is now a Research Associate.


Nazanin Zounemat Kermani

Research Associate
Nazanin is lead data analyst of the PIONEER project (, a European Network of Excellence for Big Data in Prostate Cancer, consisting of 32 partners across 9 countries. She is interested in the clinical aspects of machine learning, combining and analysing patients' records and omics data to better understand disease mechanisms.

Siyao Wang

Research Assistant
Siyao is a postgraduate researcher working under the supervision of professor Yi-ke Guo. He works in the IDEA-FAST project contributing to data management platform developed and hosted by Imperial College London. His research interests includes data management, data analysis and deep learning.

Isha Kshirsagar

Software Developer

Masters graduate in advanced computer science from the University of Leeds, I'm set to embark on a role as a software developer at Imperial College London's Data Science Institute. Committed to crafting innovative app features, I bring a passion for technology and a drive for excellence.