Below is a list of projects on the go at the Data Science Institute. While most projects pertain to the life sciences, from asthma to multiple sclerosis to seizure prediction, we are interested in taking on even more projects, both life sciences related and not. Using the analysis from these projects, we are able to find ways to visualize and present these data in the GDO. Contact us for more information.

Selected projects



Managing Air for Green Inner Cities project has the aim to develop citites with no air pollution and no urban heat. They have plans to use advanced techniques for data assimilation, sensor optimization, and reduced order modelling for urban flow. 

Check out the website here.

Deep Learning on Fused Brain

Deep Learning on Fused Brain and Heart Signals for Mental Disorder Detection

We are developing a patient-specific seizure prediction and detection system by investigating the use of fused brain and heart signals. It is a non-invasive patient-specific seizure detection/prediction system which utilizes features extracted from EEG and ECG signal. It consists of two main components: 0. Seizure detection system 0. Seizure prediction system

Check out the GitHub code here.