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We welcome questions, feedback and suggestions — please contact Department Champions Jeremy Pitt, Anna McCormick, Spencer Cockerell or a member of the Committee

Each department in the Faculty of Engineering has its own committee for equality, diversity, and inclusion. In our department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, we have formed the Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equity (DICE) Committee. The committee's work is guided by the Imperial College EDI Strategy and Imperial College Values and Behaviours.

The EEE DICE Committee seeks to:

  • raise awareness of issues related to equality, diversity and inclusivity, and promote opportunities for self-expression and good citizenship;
  • propose, monitor and evaluate structures, procedures and curricula to create a safe working environment and encourage a culture of tolerance and acceptance;
  • understand and improve the lived experience of all staff and students in the department;
    promote the idea that we are all equal and worthy participants in the scientific and educational programmes of the department, and can all make a positive and equally-valued contribution;
  • lead the application for the Athena Swan Award (the department currently holds a Bronze award).
    We all share a responsibility to build a positive and inclusive  environment for all staff and students through our culture and the examples that we set. We encourage anyone who wishes to raise issues and ideas for the committee to contact one of the committee members, or get involved with the committee's work.

Committee actions that can be taken:

  1. Discuss potential bias or particular topic raised by a member of the committee, another member of the department, or external communications that might be relevant to the routine functions of the EEE Department.
  2. Form a short-term subcommittee to evaluate or assess a potential bias or particular topic raised to the DICE committee. 
The subcommittee is formed of:
  • One or two champions to lead it and be held accountable
  • The responsible members in the department whose job role may be concerned with the topic
  • Any volunteers that are interested in the topic.

The final report submitted at the closure or end of the determined lifespan of the subcommittee must contain the following:

  • A summary of the potential bias or particular topic raised to the DICE committee
  • The members of the subcommittee
  • A summary of activities taken by the subcommittee
  • Final conclusions or recommendation for action
  • Issue a statement containing recommendations for members of the department on a particular topic that might be sensitive in nature. This must follow College-level guidance.

DICE Committee Membership:

  • Chair and Department Champion: Professor Jeremy Pitt
  • Department Champion: Anna McCormick
  • Mr Spencer Cockerell
  • Professor Esther Rodriguez-Villegas
  • Professor Eric Yeatman - Head of Department
  • Dr Dan Goodman
  • Ms Alice Ashley-Smith
  • Ms Lina Brazinskaite
  • Dr Chen Qin
  • Professor Eric Kerrigan
  • Professor Christos Bouganis
  • Ms Kay Hancox
  • Ms Jane Horrell - EEE Communications Officer
  • Dr Ed Stott
  • Imperial College Athena Swan Coordinator: Rob Bell
  • Undergraduate student representatives: EEE and EIE student representatives, EESoc President, Women in EE Society President (changes each academic year)
  • Postgraduate student representatives
  • The Committee may choose to co-opt additional members.

Committee membership aims to include representation from academic staff, teaching staff, professional, techical and operational staff, postdocs, undergraduates, and postgraduates. The committee is represented on the Faculty of Engineering Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee (FEDCC).