Clean Horizon is a specialized consulting company focused on energy storage, with a global presence since 2009. Headquartered in Paris, France, and with an additional office in Miami, Florida, Clean Horizon stands out as one of the early pioneers in specializing exclusively in energy storage. Clean Horizon holds a unique position as the sole consultancy globally providing market analysis and technical consulting for both energy storage and hydrogen projects.

If you are interested in joining Clean Horizon, here's a brief overview of what the company offers:

- Embracing Diversity on a Global Scale: Clean Horizon places a high value on cultivating an international and diverse team, reflecting their openness to individuals with varied cultural backgrounds and experiences.

- Expertise Development: The company encourages employees to become experts in their respective fields, suggesting a commitment to professional development and continuous learning.

- Autonomous and Flexible Environment: Clean Horizon provides an autonomous and flexible work environment.


Deadlines for upcoming recruitment: we have no deadlines, this is our recruiting platform:

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