Thanks to support from the President’s Scholarship Fund, Imperial was last year able to award fifty PhD scholarships to some of the world’s most promising young researchers.

Imperial PhD Scholarships are awarded to the most talented young scientists and engineers – of any nationality – to enable them to pursue doctoral study at Imperial College London. 

It’s a tremendous opportunity. From their first day, PhD scholars are plugged into the thriving research culture at Imperial. They work alongside internationally-renowned experts in their field, and participate in research that’s at the cutting edge of scientific discovery. And with their tuition fees and living expenses fully covered by their award, scholars can focus 100 per cent on their studies.

Meet some of our PhD scholars

Joanna Clasen, Imperial PhD Scholar in Public Health

"I moved to London with my family to attend Imperial, and this move would not have been possible for us without the support of this scholarship. London is an extraordinary – but expensive – place to live!

I truly feel blessed every day to have the opportunity to be here. As a mother of two young children, this transition was no easy feat, but I am unwaveringly happy with our decision to come here.  I am indebted to those who provided the necessary financial help, and I hope to be able to pay their kindness forward."

Tim Wolock, Imperial PhD Scholar in Statistics

"I wouldn't have been able to come to Imperial without funding, so it is literally impossible for me to overstate the Scholarship's impact. Jokes aside, my partner and I moved to London from the US so that I could begin my PhD, so having a pre-built network of similarly inquisitive and enthusiastic scholars has been invaluable. Additionally, the scholars' events (lectures, receptions, etc.) have provided unique insight into the different ways Imperial supports creativity and innovation.

The stability afforded by such a generous scholarship has been essential (not just helpful) in moving to the UK, and I am genuinely grateful to be able to take advantage of such a unique opportunity."

Rima Mustafa, Imperial PhD Scholar in Public Health

"I would like to sincerely thank the donors for providing invaluable support to this funding, without which I would not be able to pursue my research. Thanks to your generous support I am the first in my family to undertake a PhD.

I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of this scholarship, the scheme of which has enabled students from any country to be able to study at Imperial and afford the high cost of living in London. Due to your support, I can focus on my research and make the most of my time at Imperial without having to worry about the financial burden. Thank you, again, for your investment in Imperial and the futures of students like me."