We offer consultancy services which provide cost effective solutions, benefiting from many years of specialist research in a variety of areas.

Commercialisation of the technology developed during research programmes to industry through consultancy, industrial collaboration and spin-out companies, is a key objective of the group.

We have well equiped laboratory, workshop and computer facilities enabling us to cater for a wide range of consultancy and research work.

The modelling program Disperse, which predicts the properties of guided waves, has been developed by members of the NDT group. Licenses have already been sold to a large number of industrial, government and educational organisations worldwide.

Spectrum is a multipurpose tool specifically designed for ultrasonic applications. It has a flexible user interface developed specifically for processing ultrasonic signals. Data capture from oscilloscopes, and several data simulation tools are built into the software, providing an environment to quickly and easily acquire and process signals to maximise productivity. This product can be downloaded free of charge.

Pogo is an elastodynamic finite element solver developed by members of the NDT lab. Pogo has been demonstrated to produce the same results as commercial alternatives, but by exploiting the processing power of Nvidia graphics cards, does this 100-200 times faster. Pogo is released open source, under the GNU General Public License, to allow members of the community to modify and adjust the code to suit their needs.