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Novel measurement techniques have been developed to characterise the mechanical and electromagnetic properties of materials

Research Themes

Electromagnetic Properties

Conductivity and permeability can be linked to the state of stress and strain in a metal and used to assess its integrity.  These can provide information about the microstructure of the material and can be used to detect damage precursors.  Therefore, enabling the possibility of detecting damage before it occurs.

Current Electromagnetic Projects:

Creep monitoring by potential drop anisotropy

EM image

Mechanical Properties

We have developed a series of ‘dipstick’ sensors that can be simply immersed into fluids in order to analyse properties such as viscosity or fluid bulk velocity. The simple geometry of the waveguides (‘dipsticks’) makes these devices ideal for online-monitoring applications. Dipstick sensors are also used to monitor the elastic moduli during the cure of adhesive joints in automotive components as well as the curing of concrete.

Current Mechanical Properties Projects:

Improvements in Crystallographic Orientation Distribution Detection

Dispersive Wave Modelling Development

Development of Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Detection Methods of Macrozones within Titanium Alloys

Ultrasonic Characterisation of Heavy Fuel Oil

ADVISE – Advanced Inspection of Complex Structures

Ultrasound Characterisation of Microstructure of Polycrystals

Measurement of Microstructural Damage in Cylindrical Components using Guided Waves