Key Information

Tutor: Dr Paul Seldon
Course Level: Level 2
Course Credit: 1 credit 

Mode of Delivery: Online & Face-to-Face sessions available 

Maximum Course Capacity: 20


  • Tuesday 16 April 2024
    10:00-13:00, South Kensington

Please note, this course is only available for students within the following faculties: Medicine, Life Sciences and Professional Development.

Publications are important for the development of your research career and recognition of your research.  This blended course will provide guidance on producing a scientific paper and the reviewing process. It will also allow you to practice writing, peer review and to receive feedback.

Course Information

This blended course has pre-course activities to complete in your own time and course activities to engage with during the live course: you will receive the credit by participating in all pre-course and course activities.

Pre-course activities (duration about 1h30) will prepare you for the live session. Live sessions are available on different dates as online interaction or as a face-to-face workshop (both 3hrs).

The live course will support you in clarifying the learning and working in small groups to receive/give peer-feedback on the tasks you completed.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this blended course you will be able to:

  • Assess where best to publish your work.
  • Develop your strategy for producing a publication, from the organisation of the writing to the generation of the final publication and reply to the reviewer comments.
  • Evaluate what to publish (e.g. what information needs to be shown to establish the validity of your research).
  • Employ techniques to display and interpret data effectively.
  • Judge the quality of your publication and recognise the benefits of reviewer feedback.

How to Book

Please select a date and book on via Inkpath using your Imperial Single-Sign-On.  Bookings will close approximately one week before each live session.