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The Turing Scheme is the UK government's global programme to study and work abroad.

Applications for Postgraduate International Placements and Undergraduate Industrial/Research Placements still open! Please ensure you have read the information on this webpage before applying. 

How to apply

For the 2023-24 academic year, Imperial has been awarded funding to support students to take up international opportunities across several activities, listed below. Home (UK), EU and international students are all eligible to apply.

Before applying, you will need to consider the individual eligibility criteria, application processes and deadlines for each activity.

How to apply

Eligibility criteria

You are eligible to apply for the standard grant rate if you are a Home (UK), EU or international student, and studying an undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research degree at Imperial.

If your application is successful, the standard grant rate you receive will be calculated by the length of stay, location of the activity and cost of living at the destination.

Grants are subject to availability.

Enhanced funding criteria

Enhanced funding offers a top-up to the standard grant rate, plus a travel grant. The travel grant will be calculated based on distance of travel from home institution to host institution.

You are eligible for enhanced funding if you belong to one or more of the following groups:

  • students with low household income or low socio-economic status (including those with an annual household income of £25,000 or less)
  • home students currently in receipt of the Imperial Bursary (UG only)
  • home students of Black heritage, including:
    • Black - African
    • Black - Caribbean
    • Black - Other
    • Mixed - White and Black African
    • Mixed - White and Black Caribbean
    • Other mixed background - including Black African, Black Caribbean or Other Black background
  • students receiving Universal Credit or income-related benefits because they are financially supporting themselves or financially supporting themselves and someone who is dependent on them and living with them, such as a child or partner
    students who are care experienced
  • students who have caring responsibilities
  • estranged students (where neither of the students’ parents can be found or it is not reasonably practicable to get in touch with either of them)
  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • students with disabilities (please note: Turing uses the term 'Students with Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND)', but Imperial recognises alternative terminology, in line with the Office for Students).

More information is available in the application form, where we will also ask for your consent to confirm your eligibility for the enhanced funding through relevant teams within the College.

Rates of funding

If your application is successful, you will be offered a grant at the standard rate to support your living costs (this calculation is based on the duration of activity, destination of activity and cost of living at the destination).

If you meet the criteria for enhanced funding, you will be offered an uplift to the standard grant rate (including a contribution to travel and other related costs).

Grant amounts are set by the Turing Scheme. Total duration of activity, destination of activity and cost of living at the destination determine the funding amount for each student. Turing offers a weekly rate for placements that are eight weeks or less and a monthly rate for placements longer than eight weeks.

Turing also recognises three groupings for location and cost of living, displayed below. For a list of countries in each group, please visit the Turing website.

More information on grant amounts is provided in the list of activities below. 

Please contact the Student Financial Support Team if you need this information in a different format.

Standard grant rate

Weekly grant rate (4-8 weeks): 

Group 1: £136.25
Group 2: £120
Group 3: £120

Monthly grant rate (Longer than 8 weeks):

Group 1: £380
Group 2: £335
Group 3: £335

Enhanced funding

Weekly grant rate (4-8 weeks): 

Group 1: £163.50
Group 2: £147.50
Group 3: £147.50

Monthly grant rate (Longer than 8 weeks):

Group 1: £490
Group 2: £445
Group 3: £445

Travel cost contribution

These are fixed amounts based on the distance between the university and the destination provider as outlined below.

10 to 99km: £20
100 to 499km: £165
500 to 1,999km: £250
2,000 to 2,999km: £325
3,000 to 3,999km: £480
4,000 to 7,999km: £745
8,000 to 12,000km: £905
12,000km+: £1,360

Please note, you are not able to apply for the Turing travel grant and the Study Abroad travel grant. Travel cost contributions are only available for students eligible for enhanced funding. 

Exceptional costs

Students who are eligible for enhanced funding can apply for exceptional costs to be covered. Reimbursement of these costs will be budget-dependent and requests will be reviewed later in the 23-24 funding cycle. You can apply for insurance and visa costs to be covered. 

Dates and duration

The duration of your placement must be between one month and 12 months (depending on the activity) and must take place between 1 September 2023 and 31 August 2024.

Please note, your placement may start or end outside this period, but you will only receive funding for the part of your placement that falls between those dates.

For certain activities the dates and duration of funded opportunities are fixed. These are detailed in the list of activities below.


The 2023-24 Turing Scheme agreement with Imperial currently provides support for activities taking place in a range of countries across the world.

Each of the funded activities (listed below) have specific locations and partner institutions that Imperial is collaborating with for international opportunities.

For some activities, locations and host institutions are pre-arranged and cannot be changed. For other activities there may be an opportunity to apply to alternative institutions in countries not listed. This will be stated with the activity-specific information below and on the application form.

Funded Activities

Find out more about the activities you can get funding for through the Turing Scheme.

If you have questions about specific activities, please contact the Student Financial Support (SFS) Team.

Funded Activities