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Cleaner, greener plastics – How Imperial researchers are making plastics more sustainable.

Do bots help to spread fake news? – No, but they could be part of the answer. We look at the truth behind the headlines.

The search for a cure – For the past 25 years, Imperial has been at the heart of the hunt for a cure for HIV. This is the story of that search: of the highs, the lows, the setbacks – and the breakthroughs.

Antifungal resistance – Fungi are evolving, but thankfully Imperial researchers are leading the fight to protect us all.

9 things you can do about climate change – Our world is warming, but taking action on climate change can make all our lives better.

Fighting Ebola – Imperial scientists, in the lab, and on the ground, are working to defeat ebola.

Making for the future - Imperial academics are pioneering advances in robotics, synthetic chemistry and beyond that could transform the manufacturing industries.

Clean reaction - We meet the people who plan to change the world with green chemistry.