How our research, entrepreneurialism and teaching aim to benefit the world.


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2023 stories

Reclaiming cities from cars - How Dr Audrey de Nazelle is helping to build healthy, green cities of the future.

Humans of health research 9 Trialling a new device to treat frequent falls in Parkinson's patients and managing poor growth in babies during the later stages of pregnancy.

Humans of health research 8 - Using data to treat heart diseases and keeping HIV/AIDS projects going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

25 years of groundbreaking cancer research – Exploring some of Imperial’s biggest success stories in cancer.

The quest for an HIV vaccine – How the international project EAVI2020 has boosted HIV vaccine research.

2022 stories

Silwood Park at 75 – Dive into the past, present and future of Imperial's unique rural campus.

Humans of health research – We hear from a vascular clinical research nurse, plus a pharmacist and her patient partner.

Humans of health research – We hear from a parent whose son took part in a neonatal trial and the impact it has had on their family.

Pandemic learning – From the value of random self-testing, to the complexity of symptoms – here are five things Imperial's REACT study has taught us.

Meet the researchers – Following the publication of Imperial's Research Excellence Framework Results, we meet some of the people behind our world-leading research.

World Malaria Day – From making mosquito 'smoothies' to tracking behaviour, Imperial remains innovative in the fight against malaria.

Humans of Health Research – We hear from Dr Saira Hameed, one of the UK's leading weight-loss doctors and her patient Marcia Reeves.

The scientist and the donor – Why brain tissue donation remains vital to the advancement of Parkinson’s research.

Humans of health research – Meet the clinicians, researchers and patients who are working together to improve outcomes for preterm babies.

Two years of COVID-19 – What's next for the pandemic? What's next for the pandemic? Imperial experts share their thoughts.

Fashion forward – How to combat climate change through clothing.

Humans of health research – Meet the clinicians, researchers and patients who are working together to improve healthcare.

Transforming community health in north-west London – How imperial’s healthcare research is benefiting adult, child and social care in local communities.

Older stories

Protecting the natural world – The Grantham Institute highlights 9 effective and achievable things you can do to protect the natural world.

Next-generation medicines – How researchers are using genes, cells and tissues to create a new generation of advanced therapies.

Making science work for society – If we are to create new technologies and innovations that benefit all of society and the planet we must embed social science early in our research and development, writes Professor Nick Jennings.

Pollution and poverty – Two interlinked challenges and how Imperial aims to address them.

The world's worst COVID-19 outbreak – As India experiences the world's worst outbreak of COVID-19, Imperial researchers and students came together with partners in India to help.

The climate is our business – Meet the startups shaping our vision of The World in 2050.

Biodiversity importance – The Grantham Institute explores why biodiversity is imperative to all life on the planet.

Getting to grips – Meet the makers of GripAble, a new device enabling people with arm disabilities to do more.

Decision-making under uncertainty – How Imperial researchers are developing innovative tools to maximise performance under the uncertain conditions of the real world.

Diagnosis at another (micro) level – Using nanomaterials and biosensors, Imperial is transforming the way diagnoses are made.

Safe and sound – Data. Infrastructure. Borders. Imperial specialists are leading the effort to keep the nation secure.

COVID-19 lessons – Things we've learned from the year that changed the world.

It pays to be prepared – What the world can learn from COVID-19 about preparing for climate change.

Antimicrobial surfaces – Explore state-of-the-art antimicrobial surfaces, and how they can help in the fight against dangerous pathogens.

The world in a carton – How Imperial research is helping create leaner and greener global supply chains for fast-moving consumer goods.

Healthcare AI – How Imperial researchers are using artificial intelligence techniques to help clinicians make faster and better decisions.

How universities can drive an inclusive recovery – Innovation districts like the one around White City Campus could provide a place-based approach to economic recovery.

Imagine a zero waste society – what’s stopping us? – Why it will take a radical system-wide solution to completely eliminate waste.

Two intersecting pandemics – How COVID-19 is laying bare structural racism and what we can do about it.

Electric mobility – Explore how the College's research is helping the world on the journey to an electric future.

COVID-19: six months on the frontline – Take a walk through some of the defining moments of Imperial's efforts to tackle the pandemic.

Social media and online harms – How can we protect young and vulnerable people?

Modelling an unprecedented pandemic – The vital role of team-based, collaborative epidemiology and disease modelling in managing pandemics.

Turning convention on its head – Becoming carbon neutral by 2050 will require all parts of society to collaborate, as Imperial researchers are demonstrating. 

Food and coronavirus – In a new Imperial Stories immersive feature, we hear from Imperial experts on how our diets have been affected by COVID-19.

Robotics revolution – Take a behind the scenes look at how robots are playing an increasingly important role in our lives.

Body parts – How Imperial's innovations are bringing the human body into the 21st-century.

Fighting an epidemic of misinformation – The importance of science and learning in dealing with coronavirus.

Transition to zero pollution – Can we ever eliminate pollution in all its forms?

Cleaner, greener plastics – How Imperial researchers are making plastics more sustainable.

Do bots help to spread fake news? – No, but they could be part of the answer. We look at the truth behind the headlines.

The search for a cure – For the past 25 years, Imperial has been at the heart of the hunt for a cure for HIV. This is the story of that search: of the highs, the lows, the setbacks – and the breakthroughs.

Antifungal resistance – Fungi are evolving, but thankfully Imperial researchers are leading the fight to protect us all.

9 things you can do about climate change – Our world is warming, but taking action on climate change can make all our lives better.

Fighting Ebola – Imperial scientists, in the lab, and on the ground, are working to defeat ebola.

Making for the future - Imperial academics are pioneering advances in robotics, synthetic chemistry and beyond that could transform the manufacturing industries.

Clean reaction - We meet the people who plan to change the world with green chemistry.