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Are you considering applying to Imperial’s Full-Time MBA September 2022 intake? There are plenty of benefits that come with an early submission, in this article we outline why you should apply early and provide you with tips on how to stand out from the crowd on the competitive programme.

Applying for the Full-Time MBA is done through our online application system. The form asks you to go into detail about you, your career, and your educational history. Filling out this information takes careful consideration as you will want to make sure your application shines a light on everything that makes you an outstanding candidate. By starting early, you give yourself more time to complete the application to a high-quality standard and realise the benefits that come with an early submission:

What are the advantages of applying early to the Full-Time MBA? 

The opportunity to apply for a scholarship

A scholarship is a great way to support the funding of your programme, there is a wide range available for our most talented applicants. However, scholarships are highly competitive and have very specific deadlines in the earlier application rounds. By applying early, you can evaluate the eligibility criteria, decide what scholarship suits your circumstances, and ensure you get your scholarship application in on time. Sign up to receive emails to stay up to date about scholarship opportunities for our 2021 class.

You will gain access to exclusive admit events

An early application doesn’t just give you more time to complete the process, it means you get your offer earlier too. Admitted students have access to exclusive events that run throughout the year. This includes webinars and guest lectures where you can make the most of the exciting opportunities Imperial has to offer, meet your classmates, network and become part of the Business School community.

Receiving personalised career support from the Imperial Careers Service

A key driver for applying to the Full-Time MBA programme is the diverse range of opportunities that arise after you have completed the programme. Whether you want to progress quickly in your career, change continents or move into a completely new role, it is all achievable. However, the support of the Careers Service is vital in this process.

As an admitted student, you will have early access to the personalised support of our Career service and Consultants, six months prior to the start of your programme. They will be able to provide advice and guidance tailored to your specific career needs. This can help steer you in the most efficient way to maximise your Full-Time MBA at Imperial and help you prepare your career strategy.

Having sufficient time to complete the visa process

It’s important to give yourself an ample amount of time to apply for a visa if you are an international student. The process can be time consuming, so to avoid any complications or delays with the issue of your visa it is best to start the process as early as possible. It is vital to consider the time it will take to receive a decision on your Full-Time MBA application, as you need to have an unconditional offer from the School before the visa process can begin. Our Admissions team can help with visa queries; however, they advise that the easiest way to avoid complication is to apply early.

Having more time to find accommodation in London

Studying a Full-Time MBA is a big decision and moving is a significant part of the process. Once you have received your offer, you can get started on the search for your new London home. By starting the accommodation search early, you get more say in where you live and have the opportunity to discover an area of London that suits you and your needs.

What should you prepare for your application?

Preparation is key when applying for a Full-Time MBA at Imperial. The application process requires you to complete several sections before you can submit. Key parts of the application that require time and attention to detail include the:

Career planning questions

The career planning questions present an opportunity to evidence how you think Imperial’s Full-Time MBA will support you in achieving your future career aspirations. You will need to write in-depth about the sector you are interested in working in, your ideal employer, role and country. This requires research, reviewing job specifications for potential roles and researching employers that you may want to work for.

Giving yourself time to consider your answers and really think about what you want to achieve will show our Admissions team that you know how a Full-Time MBA will truly benefit you and your career.

Personal statement

Your personal statement is an opportunity to demonstrate what makes you a dynamic, outstanding candidate with a genuine passion and a personal connection to the values and ethos of Imperial. It is your first opportunity to connect with the selectors on the Admissions team and make an exceptional first impression.

While writing about yourself can be challenging,  you can rely on the support of your friends and mentors to help you with your statement. Listen to what they have to say about you and ask them to proofread your statement before you apply as it’s a great way to make sure you are authentically presenting your skills and strengths. Find out more on how to ace your personal statement.

Finessing your CV

Uploading your CV is a crucial part of your application. It is important to keep it simple and use a clear format. You should use your CV to highlight professional and academic experience, extracurricular activities, and international study.

Programme events

Outside of the application form, you can find out more about the Full-Time MBA and studying at Imperial by attending the many information sessions and webinars on the application process. They will give you an opportunity to learn more about your programme in-depth and ask the relevant team any questions you have. Register for an upcoming event to meet our Recruiment team and ask any questions you have about the programme or studying at Imperial.

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