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Eleni Ziaka graduated from our MSc Management programme in 2023, and since then has gone on to work for a leading independent provider of global energy and commodity market intelligence. 

In this blog, Eleni reflects on her time at Imperial College Business School, and how her experience on the programme has helped transform her into a confident business professional who is putting her skills into practice in her new career pursuits. She sheds a light on the networking opportunities and career support she received from Imperial, as well the structure of the MSc Management programme.  

There are so many reasons why I will keep MSc Management close to my heart. From friendships that will last for a lifetime, to skills I never thought I’d develop to this level, and to the overall confidence it gave me to start my career path and startup. The professors are still an incredible support, and the alumni are always here to help. Imperial creates an environment where everyone feels like family and is here to help you succeed.

From biomedical sciences to business

I come from a biomedical sciences background, with work experience in clinical trials. When I started working after my bachelor’s degree, I realised how much I loved the project management side of my work and I was constantly thinking of startup ideas I would like to pursue. 

After some research, I became convinced that MSc Management at Imperial College Business School would greatly benefit me because of the incomparable connections and like-minded students. 

How I found the shift to studying business

The programme was very well structured, which made it easy for students like me who did not have a business background. 

I’m very happy to have been introduced to accounting and economics as it is incredibly useful in any role to understand this, but especially if you’re wanting to pursue a startup. Personally, my favourite module was Innovation Management, as it teaches you all the basics of a startup, from ideation to reality. 

Expanding your network 

At Imperial College Business School, you don’t have to search for networking opportunities, they come to you! 

From induction week, I knew how much focus Imperial gives to networking. During the first week, we had daily networking events between students, alumni, industry specialists, and companies. 

Throughout the year, and usually after class, we had guest industry specialists, companies and alumni visiting Imperial to talk to us about experiences and opportunities, with plenty of time afterward for networking. 

Career support 

The Careers Week was a chance to attend careers events and make connections. And the careers services were incredibly helpful with helping you to create a standout CV and cover letter, preparing you for assessment centres, and more. 

I also joined a couple of mock assessment centres, where the team gave us constructive feedback after every session. This helped me understand what companies want to see, as well as learning more about tips and tricks to make me stand out as a candidate. I was very lucky to use everything that I learned in the assessment centre. 

Eleni Ziaka - MSc Management Alumni
Eleni Ziaka whilst she was studying MSc Management

Utilising my skills in the workplace

Through all the group projects and classes, I gained confidence in presenting and speaking in front of many people. This helped in my academic journey and has also made me a confident speaker at my current workplace, thus opening up more opportunities. 

It also helped me succeed in my interview for my current job. I received really positive feedback on my presentation skills. 

What I've been up to since graduating

Since graduating, I’ve been working as a Marketing Executive in a graduate programme at Argus Media. Since realising that lab-based jobs weren’t the right fit for me, I found that the commodities sector is an interesting sector to be involved in and learn more about. 

The end goal for me, though, is to create a startup. I am trying to gather all the knowledge and connections that I can in order to succeed. 

At Imperial College Business School, I was lucky to immediately click with my first team group. Not only did we work well, but we’ve ended up working together on a startup project. I am fortunate to have an amazing group of friends who still work alongside each other today with the prospect of creating something amazing. 

My advice to other students

Imperial College Business School is a top school that will open thousands of doors for your future. From unparalleled courses and incredible professors to connections that will last a lifetime. You will finish your course feeling confident with your skills, and you will become part of the Imperial family.