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Imperial College Business School hosted a Careers Fair on Tuesday, 26 September featuring over 40 employers spanning various industries, all eager to meet students from the Business School. The participating companies comprised both renowned brands and boutique firms. 

Students listening to company employee at Careers Fair

Dhishan Rajshekhar, MSc Management student shares his experience of attending the Careers event below.  

I attended the Careers Fair, as it was a unique event where I could reach out to potential employers and get first-hand information from them. The exclusive peek into how each company’s graduate programme is designed and the learnings to create a foundation as a strong professional is what motivated me to attend the Careers Fair.  

Throughout the day, the air was filled with enthusiasm and motivation as our dream companies were on campus. The atmosphere was robust with all the students running around to find their companies and have a chat with the representatives and extract as much information as they could. The event comprised 44 companies, each with representatives who were equally overjoyed to share their experiences and connect with us on LinkedIn. 

The Careers Fair gave me a sense of what I can work on, to better my skills and become an adept professional at such highly reputed firms. 

I had the opportunity to speak with the representatives of more than 10 companies. I had the opportunity to network with and understand the company’s requirements from EY, AlphaSights, LVMH, P&G, Infosys, Schneider Electric, ING, Verdier&Co, and a few others. 

Student taking leaflet

I prepared for the Careers Fair by noting my companies and reading the brochure to understand each company’s openings, the roles and responsibilities, and preliminary requisites. I also noted their stall number, for a smoother flow of the event. I explored the links provided in the brochure, to understand the process of recruitment, and to ensure that my questions were specific. Some tips would be to understand your goals, align your interests with the companies and ask specific questions as it is quite crowded, and the answers would not be generic if you ask the right questions. Additionally, understand the requirements prior to the Fair, to know the application process and clarify your queries, do your research about the companies, the recruitment before the Careers Fair. 

Attending the Careers Fair, I have been able to understand the current job market for post-graduates in management. The types of recruiters and the career trajectory is clearer as I can understand what employers are looking for. The value it provided for me, personally, is that it gave me a sense of what I can work on to better my skills, and become an adept professional at such highly reputed firms. 

Students at careers fair

We are delighted to host this year’s Imperial College Business School Careers Fair which offers our students the opportunity to engage with employers from across a range of industry sectors.  This enables students to speak with recruiters from a variety of companies, including big brands and boutique firms, to learn more about their company culture and the roles they are hiring for.  Meanwhile the fair provides employers the opportunity to engage with top talent and identify candidates of interest to their companies.  Careers Fairs are just one of the many ways in which we provide students the opportunity to engage with employers during their programme of study with us and we have a range of recruitment-led initiatives planned for the autumn term. - Lisa Umenyiora, Executive Director, Careers and Student Life.

It’s amazing to be able to facilitate this event, exclusively for Business School students, so early on in their time with us. It gives them a chance to get real insights as to what a wide range of employers are looking for, make genuine contacts within organisations for future networking opportunities, and to be able to compare and contrast working cultures at some of the Business School’s employer partners – be they start-ups, SMEs or large corporates. We had a record number of students through the door this year – with 1559 attending from across our four programme suites. - Toby Emmerson, Senior Employer Relations Manager.


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