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The Business School supports a number of student-led Business School Clubs which aim to bring together MBA and MSc students with similar areas of career interest and/or professional backgrounds.

All of our clubs are organised by students and run a number of events throughout the year which give opportunities to:

  • Meet other Business School students with similar interests
  • Learn from and network with alumni and other professionals
  • Build links with relevant employers in the sector
  • Learn more about roles available and the skills needed in the industry and many more.

Career Club President and Vice-President roles | Apply here: // Deadline to apply: Wednesday 15 September, 9.00 BST

You may join as many clubs as you like. Please note that the membership costs £10.00 per club. For example, if you would like to join two clubs you will need to pay £20.00. 

When using the payment form, please use the + sign above to indicate the number of clubs you want to join, and click ‘add to basket’. After you have registered, you can specify which clubs you are joining. Once your payment has been accepted, individual club committees will get in touch with you directly about your membership. The payment link is only for currently enrolled students(MSc and MBA) at Imperial College Business School and you will need to use your imperial email to register.

Membership for Careers Clubs 2021-2022 will open from 6th September 2021 till 1st June 2022.

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