Spring term 2024 seminar series

Tuesdays, 13.30 - 14.45pm. All speakers in person

19th March 2024 Ajay Shenoy (UC Santa Cruz), Measuring and Estimating Retail Productivity

26th March 2024 Laura Wherry (NYU Wagner), The Long-Term Effects of Income for At-Risk Infants: Evidence from Supplemental Security Income

09 April 2024 Justin Sydnor (Wisconsin), The Impact of Consequence Information on Insurance Choice

11 April 2024 Mark Armstrong (UCL), Multibrand Price Dispersion

16 April 2024 Paula Bustos (ICREA-Pompeu Fabra University) The Effects of Climate Change on Labor and Capital Reallocation

23 April 2024 Camille Landais (LSE), Gender Without Kids

30 April 2024 Joseba Martinez (LBS) The Green Transition in a Putty-Clay Model of Capital 

07 May 2024 Jessica Jeffers (HEC Paris), Labor Market Collusion through Common Leadership

14 May 2024 Christiane Szerman (LSE) The Labor Market Effects of Disability Hiring Quotas

28 May 2024, Steve Tadelis (Berkely)

04 June 2024, Julia Cage (Science Po)

12 June 2024 (Wednesday), Ashley Langer (Arizona) Energy Transitions in Regulated Markets


Autumn term 2023 seminar series

Tuesdays, 13.30-14.30 (all in LT3 except 12 Dec when in LTUG). All speakers in person

10 October 2023 Xu Zhang (LBS) Online Healthcare Platform Evolution: The Interplay of Bargaining and Network Effects

17 October 2023 Lars Nesheim (UCL) High dimensional high frequency retail price dynamics: accounting for missing prices and quantities

24 October 2023 Allan Hsiao (Princeton) Sea Level Rise and Urban Adaptation in Jakarta

31 October 2023  NO SEMINAR

01 November 2023 Jan Svejnar (Columbia University) Resource Misallocation in European Firms: The Role of Constraints, Firm
Characteristics and Managerial Decisions

07 November 2023 Martin Hackmann (UCLA) Asymmetric Information in Matching Markets: Evidence from Medical School Programs in Denmark

14 November 2023 Alessandro Iaria (Bristol) Price Discrimination and Online Sales in the Automobile Industry

21 November 2023 Jerome Adda (Bocconi) Health Beliefs and the Long Run Effect of Medical Information

28 November 2023 Cristina Gualdani (QMUL) Price Competition and Endogenous Product Choice in Networks: Evidence from the US Airline Industry

05 December 2023 Shruti Sinha (TSE) Identification and Estimation in Many-to-one Two-sided Matching without Transfers

12 December 2023 Heski Bar Isaac (RSM, Toronto) Acquihiring for Monopsony Power

Spring term 2023 seminar series

14 March 2023, 1.30pm Douglas Almond (Columbia) [LT3, speaker in person] The impacts of grade retention in New York City

21 March 2023, 1.30pm John Finlay (Columbia/Imperial) [LT3, speaker in person] Housing Demand, Inequality, and Spatial Sorting

28 March 2023, 1.30pm Karmini Sharma (Stanford/Imperial) [LT3, speaker in person] Tackling Sexual Harassment: Short and Long run Experimental Evidence from India

04 April 2023 No seminar

11 April 2023 No seminar

18 April 2023, 1.30pm Seth Richards-Shubik (Lehigh University) [LT3, speaker in person] How Efficient is the Market for Physician Referrals?

25 April 2023, 1.30pm Mathias Reynaert (Toulouse School of Economics) [LT3, speaker in person] An evaluation of protected area policies in the European Union

02 May 2023, 1.30pm J Peter Nilsson (Stockholm University) [LT3, speaker in person] What Happens When Discrimination in Academia Becomes Salient?

09 May 2023, 1.30pm David Hemous (University of Zurich) [LT3, speaker in person] Induced Automation: Evidence from Firm-level Patent Data

16 May 2023, 1.30pm Victoria Marone (University of Texas at Austin) [LT3, speaker in person] Market Design in Single-Payer Healthcare: Evidence from a GP Allocation System

23 May 2023, 1.30pm Abi Adams-Prassl (Oxford) [LT3, speaker in person] The Dynamics of Abusive Relationships 

24 May 2023, 1.30pm Robert Miller (CMU) [LTUG,speaker in person] Modeling Job Search and Matching with Panel Data on Vacancies and Applications

30 May 2023, 1.30pm Kim Fe Cramer (LSE) [LT3, speaker in person] Bank presence and health

06 June 2023, 1.30pm Alex Whalley (Calgary) [LT3, speaker in person) Moonshot: Public R&D and Growth


Autumn term 2022 seminar series

EPP Faculty and Researchers, please use this Wiki page link to sign up for post-seminar meetings with the speakers

04 October 2022, 1.30pm Simon Quinn (Oxford) [LTUG, speaker in person] Learning Management Through Matching: A Field Experiment Using Mechanism Design

11 October 2022, 1.30pm Jan Eeckhout (UPF) [LTUG, speaker in person] Are Managers Paid for Market Power?

18 October 2022, 1.30pm Dario Tortarolo (Nottingham) [LTUG, speaker in person] Can Governments Affect Tax Incidence? Evidence from a Large VAT Cut in Argentina

25 October 2022, 1.30pm Chiara Farronato (HBS) [LG19a seminar room, speaker via zoom] When Algorithms Explain Themselves: AI Adoption and Accuracy of Experts’ Decisions

01 November 2022, 1.30pm Michael Thaler (UCL) [LG19a seminar room, speaker in person] The Supply of Motivated Beliefs

08 November 2022, 1.30pm Kyle Myers (Harvard) [LG19a seminar room, speaker via zoom] How DOEs Government Funding Fuel Scientists

15 November 2022, 1.30pm Paul Grieco (PSU) [LG19a seminar room, speaker via zoom] Evolution of Market Power in the US Auto Industry

22 November 2022, 1.30pm Suanna Oh (PSE) [LG19a seminar room, speaker in person] Does Identity Affect Labor Supply?

29 November 2022, 1.30pm Matthias Doepke (LSE) [LT3, speaker in person] It Takes a Village: The Economics of Parenting with Neighborhood and Peer Effects

06 December 2022, 1.30pm Ruben Durante (UPF) [LT3, speaker in person] The Impact of Online Competition on Local Newspapers: Evidence from the Introduction of Craigslist

13 December 2022, 1.30pm Emily Cuddy (Duke) [speaker via zoom] Competition and Collusion in the US Generic Drug Market

Spring term 2022 seminar series

29 March 2022, 1.30pm Friedrich Geiecke (LSE) [LT2, in person] Dynamically Optimal Treatment Allocation using Reinforcement Learning

05 April 2022, 1.30pm Nick Muller (CMU) [LG19a, via zoom] Measuring Firm Environmental Performance to Inform ESG Investing

12 April 2022, 1.30pm Jose P Vasquez (LSE) [LT2, in person] Responsible Sourcing? Theory and Evidence from Costa Rica

26 April 2022, 1.30pm Elena Prager (Northwestern) [LG19a, via zoom] Regulating Out-of-Network Hospital Payments: Disagreement Payoffs, Negotiated Prices, and Access

10 May 2022, 1.30pm Stefan Scholtes (Cambridge) [LT2, in person] Continuity of Care Increases Clinical Productivity in Primary Care

17 May 2022, 1.30pm François Gerard (QMUL) [LT2, in person] Cash Transfers and Formal Labor Markets: Evidence from Brazil

24 May 2022, 1.30pm Pietro Tebaldi (Columbia) [LG19a, via zoom] Distance to Physicians and the Value of Choice in Individual Health Insurance

31 May 2022, 1.30pm Wolfgang Keller (Colorado)  [LT2, in person) Multinationals, Markets, and Markups

07 June 2022, 1.30pm Francesca Cornaglia (QMUL)[LT2, in person] Patient Information and Surgery Decisions: A Discrete Choice Experiment

14 June 2022, 1.30pm David Levine (European University Institute) [LT2, in person] Sticky Social Norms and the Problem with Pigou

Autumn term 2021 seminar series

05 October 2021, 1.30pm David Chan (Stanford). Is There a VA Advantage? Evidence from Dually Eligible Veterans.

12 October 2021, 1.30pm Anthony Zhang (Chicago Booth School of Business). Concentration in Product Markets.

19 October 2021, 3.00pm Shoshana Vasserman (Stanford). Buying Data from Consumers: The Impact of Monitoring Programs in U.S. Auto Insurance

26 October 2021, 1.30pm Estelle Cantillon (Université libre de Bruxelles). The benefits and costs of information: Evidence from the New Zealand wholesale electricity market

03 November 2021 (Wednesday) 1.30pm Lee Lockwood (University of Virginia). Anti-Insurance: Health Insurance Increases Risk Exposure

09 November 2021, 1.30pm Guo Xu (Berkeley). Ideology and Performance in Public Organizations

16 November 2021, 1.30pm Joao Granja (UCL). Regulation and Service Provision in Dynamic Oligopoly: Evidence from Mobile Telecommunications

23 November 2021, 1.30pm Johannes Spinnewijn (LSE).Retirement Consumption and Pension Design

30 November 2021, 1.30pm Nina Roussille (MIT). Biased Beliefs about Outside Options

07 December 2021, 1.30pm Stephen Jarvis (LSE). The Economic Costs of NIMBYism: Evidence from Renewable Energy Projects


Tuesday 20 October 2020 Evan Kresch, Oberlin College

Greener on the Other Side: Inequity and Tax Collection

Tuesday 27 October 2020 Ashley Swanson, Columbia Business School

No Free Lunch? Welfare Analysis of Firms Selling Through Expert Intermediaries

Tuesday 03 November 2020 David Hendry, Oxford University

Econometric modelling of climate change with implications for climate policies

Tuesday 10 November 2020 Sarah Miller, University of Michigan

Medicaid and Mortality: New Evidence from Linked Survey and Administrative Data

Tuesday 17 November 2020 Sandra Sequeria, LSE

Identity, Media and Consumer Behavior

Tuesday 24 November 2020 Santosh Anagol, Wharton

Estimating the Economic Value of a Zoning Reform: Evidence from Sao Paolo

Tuesday 01 December 2020 Massimo Motta, Barcelona GSE

Shelving or developing? Optimal merger policy with potential competition

Tuesday 08 December 2020 Amanda Starc, Northwestern

Mortality Effects and Choice Across Private Health Insurance Plans

Tuesday 09 March 2021 Emily Breza (Harvard). Affirmative Action and Social Networks: Evidence from Caste-Based Reservation in India 

Tuesday 16 March 2021 Atul Gupta (Wharton). Does Private Equity Investment in Healthcare Benefit Patients? Evidence from Nursing Homes

Tuesday 23 March 2021 Costas Meghir (Yale University). Migration and Informal Insurance: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial and a Structural Model

Tuesday 30 March 2021 Maria Micaela Sviatschi (Princeton University). Gangs, labor mobility and development

Tuesday 13 April 2021 Mar Reguant (Northwestern). The Impacts of Real-time Pricing in the Spanish electricity market

Tuesday 20 April 2021 Ioana Marinescu (University of Pennsylvania). Estimating Labor Market Power

Tuesday 27 April 2021 Esteban Rossi-Hansberg (Princeton University).The Economic Geography of Global Warming

Tuesday 04 May 2021 Supreet Kaur (Berkeley). Do Financial Concerns Make Workers Less Productive?

Tuesday 11 May 2021 Jonathan Dingel (Booth School of Business). Spatial Economics for Granular Settings

Tuesday 18 May 2021 Jie Bai (Harvard University). Search and Information Frictions on Global E-Commerce Platforms: Evidence from AliExpress

Tuesday 25 May 2021 Jonathan Kolstad (Berkeley). The Social Determinants of Choice Quality: Evidence from Health Insurance in the Netherlands

Tuesday 01 June 2021 Gautam Gowrinsankaran (University of Arizona). Soaking Up the Sun: Ba‹ttery Investment, Renewable Energy, and Market Equilibrium

Tuesday 08 October 2019 – Morten Saethre (NHH Norwegian School of Economics)
Seminar title: Quality Regulation and Competition: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Markets

Tuesday 15 October 2019 – Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka (Bristol)
Coordination of Public Good Provision

Tuesday 22 October 2019 – Rema Hanna (Harvard)
The Challenges of Universal Health Insurance in Developing Countries: Evidence from a Large-scale Randomized Experiment in Indonesia

Tuesday 29 October 2019 – Dan Zeltzer (Tel Aviv University School of Economics)
Drug Diffusion Through Peer Networks: The Influence of Industry Payments

Tuesday 12 November 2019 – Jan De Loecker (KU Leuven, NBER and CEPR)
Capital deepening or productivity growth

Thursday 14 November 2019 – Larry Kotlikoff (Boston University)
Making Carbon Taxation a Generational Win Win

Tuesday 03 December 2019 – Swati Dhingra (LSE)
Trade and Worker Deskilling

Tuesday 10 December 2019 – Paola Giuliano (UCLA, Anderson School of Management)
Diversity in Schools: Immigrants and the Educational Performance of Natives


Tuesday 31 March 2020 - Natalia Fabra (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Price Exposure and Market Power: Learning from Changes in Renewables Regulation

Tuesday 07 April 2020 - Sebastian Fleitas (KU Leuven)
Selection, Subsidies, and Welfare in Health Insurance: Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Versus the ACA Marketplaces

Tuesday 21 April 2020 - Patrick Coen (London School of Economics)
A structural model of interbank network formation and contagion

Tuesday 28 April 2020 - Francisco Ruiz (DeepMind)
Shopper: A Probabilistic Model of Consumer Choice with Substitutes and Complements

Tuesday 12 May 2020 - Jonathan Colmer (University of Virginia)
The Grandkids Aren't Alright: The Intergenerational Effects of Prenatal Pollution Exposure

Tuesday 19 May 2020 - Carlo Schwartz (Warwick)
Social Media and Election Outcomes: Evidence from the United States

Tuesday 26 May 2020 - Mark Shepard (Harvard University)
Automatic Enrollment in Health Insurance: Evidence and Policy Tradeoffs

Tuesday 02 June 2020 - Magne Mogstad (University of Chicago)
Inference for Ranks with Applications to Mobility across Neighborhoods and Academic Achievement across Countries