How the Leonardo Centre engages with strategic partners 



Transitioning to a purpose-driven corporation demands deep transformation. It's a continual journey that requires a long term vision, a wise mindset, curiosity, open collaboration with peers, creativity, experimentation and new managerial tools and systems.

We work with corporations to:

  • cultivate a sustainable leadership mindset within the organisation 
  • experiment within the organisation to discover a new, sustainable model of business
  • work with your ecosystem partners to foster systemic change.

Public institutions

National and international government institutions - as well as the business community - are producing an unprecedented set of commitments to transforming the way they will govern, produce, innovate, invest, consume, collaborate and learn. We offer a systemic change platform to help institutions deliver sustainability commitments at local, national and regional levels.

We work with public institutions to:

  • redesign governance, strategy and learning processes
  • promote and fund enterprise logic innovation and experimentation programmes.


Contribute to realising sustainability goals through a systemic change platform for experimenting with a sustainable approach to business.



Through knowledge co-creation and field experiments, join a global community of research centres in a transformative business agenda towards sustainability.

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