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Transition to a purpose driven corporation demands deep transformation in any organisation and is a continual journey requiring inspiration, long term vision, a wise mindset, clear curiosity, open collaboration with peers, creativity, experimentation and new managerial tools and systems.

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Corporations joining Leonardo Centre programmes will benefit from:

Vision: Foresight in technological, environmental, social and behavioural trends and engagement with thought leaders.

Assessment: Global and sector benchmarking through leveraging the Golden dataset of corporate sustainability initiatives.

Mindset shifting: Executive training on different sustainability issues can be co-developed, using experience and non-cognitive learning methods.

Strategising: Re-envisioning the purpose of the enterprise and developing a road map with stakeholders to realise the new vision.



Use a systemic change platform to deliver sustainability commitments at local, national and regional levels.

National and international government institutions - as well as the business community - are producing an unprecedented set of commitments to transforming the way they will govern, produce, innovate, invest, consume, collaborate and learn.

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Government and Institutions joining the Leonardo Centre can maximise the impact of policies in:

Problem identification: Work with global research networks to co-develop cutting edge research programmes on business transition with ecosystem players towards a regenerative society.

Agenda setting: Applying assessment, benchmarking and road mapping tools to develop and refine sustainability policies.

Testing innovative solutions: Testing alternative sustainability solutions to identify the solution with the largest impact for policy intervention.



Contribute to realising sustainability goals through a systemic change platform for experimenting with a sustainable approach to business.

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Individual and non-profit foundations can maximise the impact of their activities through the Leonardo Centre’s unique research platform with:

Research programmes: Research programmes co-developed with cross disciplinary experts on selected societal challenges coherent with the donor’s guidelines.

Stakeholder engagement: Co-designed Co-Laboratories on selected societal challenges develop the generative impacts of alternative models of enterprise with stakeholder engagement, for individual, organisational and societal well-being

Impact innovation pilots: Experiment with innovative solutions on specific issues using rigorous methodologies and measurable impacts in line with the donor’s priorities.



Through knowledge co-creation and field experiments, join a global community of research centres in a transformative business agenda towards sustainability.

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