Research assets

The activities of the centre are organised along the following research assets

Impact areas

Leveraging the research assets described above, Leonardo’s research agenda aims to tackle three grand societal challenges, across various sectors, by involving different ecosystem players.

Societal challenges


The Societal challenges that the Leonardo Centre helps to tackle can be grouped in 3 macro-categories that facilitate the regeneration of the:

1. Natural environment, including climate change risk reduction, net zero emission and resource use circularity.

2. Social environment, including the enhancement of physical and psychological well-being, social integration and fair treatment of consumers, employees and citizens in their communities.

3. Socio-economic environment, including the redefinition of the roles of the industrial, financial, civil and public sectors as core actors enabling social and natural regeneration.


Sector evolution

The Leonardo Centre’s research assets, in particular the collaborative cross-disciplinary experimentation activities, can help bring about the evolution of industrial sectors towards a more sustainable and stakeholder-oriented model. The Centre’s activities have the potential to benefit all industrial sectors but currently we are focusing primarily on the following sectors:

  • Finance: The Centre is working on defining the relationship between sustainable and financial performance and on integrating sustainability considerations into the decision-making processes of financial investors.
  • Technology: The Centre is leveraging novel technologies in order to make Leonardo’s sustainability dataset and expertise applicable across different challenges, sectors, business functions, etc. For example, the Leonardo Centre is using AI and machine learning to expand and enhance its sustainability dataset.
  • Energy: The Centre is working on establishing integrated reporting processes that adequately respond to the increasing environmental and social pressures faced by the Energy industry
  • Food: The Centre is helping firms in the food industry achieve responsible production and consumption and is promoting a strong product responsibility culture. For example, the Centre is studying the effectiveness of initiatives at tackling obesity at the corporate and country level.


Ecosystem players

All the Leonardo Centre’s activities require the involvement and result in a higher sustainability awareness of at least one of the following eco-system players: Corporations, Public administrations, Communities, and Investors. Here are some examples of how the Leonardo Centre can help various players:

  • Corporations – how to transform business strategy?

The Centre guides corporations on a transformational journey that aims to embed sustainability principles deeply into their products, processes, systems, strategies, governance, culture, and purpose and mission.  

  • Public administration – how to enhance policies’ impact?

The Centre collaborates with Government and Institutions to maximise the impact of their policies by developing innovative SDG delivery initiatives, designing and deploying field experiments for policy interventions

  • Communities – how to increase impact on communities?

The Centre helps social enterprises succeed by sharing their needs and solutions, connecting them with large corporates and a global ecosystem, and raising funds to scale business.

  • Impact finance – how to fund impact solutions?

The Centre promotes a deep internal transformation in the mindsets, culture, governance and operating processes of financial institutions to facilitate the transition to a successful impact investment strategy.