How to accept your offer and meet your conditions

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at Imperial College Business School. Before starting at Imperial, you must accept your offer and meet your offer conditions by following the steps below.

Accepting your offer

Accepting your offer

You will need to respond to your offer online within 28 days of the full conditions being available on Imperial Gateway.

Please e-mail our ICT helpdesk at  if you can’t log in or have any other problems with Imperial Gateway.

It is not normally possible to extend an offer response deadline, but it may be possible to consider a request to do so in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to request an extension to your deadline, please contact the Admissions Team.

Paying your deposit

Deposits are required for all programmes except the Doctoral Programme. You can find out how much deposit you will need to pay on your programme's fees page.

Once the deposit has been paid, please allow time for the deposit to be processed. You should see confirmation that the deposit has been received on your Imperial Gateway 3-5 days after making the payment.

Engagement opportunities for admitted students

Join the Facebook group

You will be invited to join our Facebook admit group for your programme, which is a great opportunity for you to meet your future classmates before the start of term.


Once you have accepted your offer, Careers will be able to support you with your career in several ways in the six months leading up to the start of your programme.

Careers have designed an online Careers Primer on the Hub that will enable you to be prepared for when you start on campus.

You can find further information on how the team can support you and access resources to help you start thinking about your future career on the Careers website.

Contact a current student

If you have any questions about what it’s like studying at Imperial College Business School, why not start a chat with out current students? Our friendly Student Ambassadors are here to answer your questions and tell you about their experiences at the Business School.

Chat to our students

Connect with an alumnus

We can also put you in contact with an alumnus. We will primarily focus our search on alumni from your chosen programme of study, and will try to accommodate any preferences you have about who you’d like to speak to (based on your academic or employment background, for example), however please be aware that this may not always be possible.

If you would like to get in touch with an alumnus, please complete this form.

Meeting your offer conditions

For MSc programmes, all offer conditions should be met by 4 August 2021. Please check your student Imperial Gateway account to see all the conditions of your offer and ensure you follow the below guidelines when submitting your documents. If you do not think that you will be able to meet your offer conditions by this date, please contact the Admissions Team.

Please note that during busy periods, the receipt of documents can take up to two weeks to show on your portal.

Submitting your academic documents

For the time being, Admissions will permit applicants to verify their qualifications in the following ways and we strongly advise against posting your original documents or bringing these to the College in person.

Please note that these measures are being implemented to support applicants with their admission process, but the College reserves the right to amend this information and to ensure that original academic credentials are verified at appropriate stages.

Students from UK universities may use the statement of qualifications‌ form in place of transcripts. This form will need to be downloaded and completed by your previous university. Your university should then email this to the relevant address in the 'Where to send your documents' section below.

  • If your university has a secure e-transcript sharing service, we recommend that you use this and share your transcript with us registering it to the appropriate email address in the 'Where to send your documents' section below.

  • If you have been provided the option to verify your degree via the qualification check service, you can opt to do this and this will be accepted as official verification. If you do not wish to opt to use this service and your university does not have a secure e-transcript sharing service, then you may email your official degree documents to the appropriate email address in the 'Where to send your documents' section below. If you send your documents via email, you will be required to present your original documents as part of registration (providing your place is confirmed)


Submitting your English language results

All home, EU and overseas applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency as detailed on our English language requirements page.

The options below outline the different ways to submit your English Language results.

  • For IELTS, you can provide your Test Report Form Number or a scanned copy of your certificate to the relevant Admissions team

  • For Pearson Test of Academic English, please ensure you have sent your scores to Imperial via your PearsonPTE account

  • For TOEFL, you can send your 16 digit registration number or a scanned copy of your certificate. Please ensure that you quote your CID number in any email correspondence

  • For Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency Tests, email your Candidate ID No (3 Letters + 6 Numbers) and Secret No (4 digits) to the appropriate email address in the 'Where to send your documents' section below.

  • If you have completed another one of Imperial’s accepted English language qualifications, please email a copy of your results to the appropriate email address in the 'Where to send your documents' section below.

Please note: Alternatively, applicants can also upload their English language results to their Imperial Gateway account.

Submitting your GMAT or GRE results

Please release your scores to Imperial College online to enable us to verify your results. You can also share a copy of your results by email to the relevant email address in the 'Where to send your documents' section below.

GMAC and GRE are now offering alternative testing options for candidates who can't make it to a test centre. You can find more details on our Coronavirus (COVID-19) key information page.

Where to send your documents

If you are required to send us any documents in order to meet your offer conditions, please use the contact details below.

MBA programmes


Contact for UK institution online results: 
Laura O’Sullivan

MSc and Doctoral programmes


Contact for UK institution online results: 
David Gibbon