How to accept your offer and meet your conditions

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at Imperial College Business School. Before starting at Imperial, you must accept your offer and meet your offer conditions by following the steps below.

Accepting your offer

Accepting your offer

You will need to respond to your offer online within 28 days of the full conditions being available on Imperial Gateway.

Please e-mail our ICT helpdesk at  if you can’t log in or have any other problems with Imperial Gateway.

It is not normally possible to extend an offer response deadline, but it may be possible to consider a request to do so in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to request an extension to your deadline, please contact the Admissions Team.

Paying your deposit

Deposits are required for all programmes except the Doctoral Programme. You can find out how much deposit you will need to pay on your programme's fees page.

Once the deposit has been paid, please allow time for the deposit to be processed. You should see confirmation that the deposit has been received on your Imperial Gateway 3-5 days after making the payment.

Services available when you have accepted your offer

Join the Facebook group

You will be invited to join our offer holder Facebook group for your programme, which is a great opportunity for you to meet your future classmates before the start of term.

Careers & Professional Development Service

Once you have accepted your offer our Careers & Professional Development Service will be able to support you with your career in several ways in the six months leading up to the start of your programme. You can find information on how the team can support you and access resources to help you start thinking about your future career on the Careers website.

Contact a current student

If you have any questions about what it’s like studying at Imperial College Business School, we can put you in contact with a current student. We will try to accommodate any preferences you have about who you’d like to speak to (based on nationality or academic background, for example), however please be aware that this may not always be possible.

If you would like to get in touch with a student please email us with your request.

Meeting your offer conditions

For MSc programmes, all offer conditions should be met by 5 August 2020. Please check your student Imperial Gateway account to see all the conditions of your offer and ensure you follow the below guidelines when submitting your documents. If you do not think that you will be able to meet your offer conditions by this date, please contact the Admissions Team.

Please note that during busy periods, the receipt of documents can take up to two weeks to show on your portal.

Submitting your academic documents


In order to meet your academic condition/s, original hard copy transcripts will need to be posted to the address provided in the contact details below which is relevant to your programme. Alternatively, students from UK universities may also provide a Statement of Qualifications (including the university stamp) in place of transcripts.

Please note that transcripts and Statements of Qualifications must be produced or completed by the central Registry of your previous university; documents prepared by academic departments or individual colleges will not be accepted.

Some UK universities also now provide secure online transcripts rather than hard copy documents. If your university offers this service please submit a request to your university to provide us with access to your final degree transcript using the contact email address details below.


If you have been asked to provide translations of your transcripts, they must be the original documents certified by the university. We cannot accept translations that have been certified by translators, solicitors, education agencies or local government officials.

Submitting your English language results

The options below outline the different ways to submit your corresponding English Language results.


Certificates should be scanned and emailed to the below address. If you have not yet received your certificates, you can email your IELTS Test Report Number or TOEFL 16 digit registration number to the Registry team.

Pearson Test of Academic English

Once you have completed this test, please send your scores to Imperial via your PearsonPTE account.

All other accepted English language tests

Please post the original hard copy documents showing your results to the Registry team. List of accepted English language tests.

If you would like your original documents returned, please indicate this request alongside a return address. If you require a visa to study in the UK, you will need these original documents for your visa application.

Where to send your documents

If you are required to send us any documents in order to meet your offer conditions, please use the contact details below.

MBA Programmes


Postal address: 
MBA Admissions team
Imperial College Business School
Imperial College London
South Kensington campus

Contact for UK institution online results: 
Laura O’Sullivan

MSc and Doctoral Programmes


Postal address: 
Business School Admissions team
Imperial College London
Level 3 Sherfield Building
South Kensington campus

Contact for UK institution online results: 
David Gibbon