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Apply online

Applications are made through our online application system, which gives you the flexibility to complete your application in your own time and save your progress. The form includes questions about you and your educational history to date.

If you wish to be considered for the Doctoral programme, please follow the steps below:

  • Start a new application and select "postgraduate taught" from the list of three options. Do not choose postgraduate research or the short courses/visiting student option. It is classed as postgraduate taught because you are applying for a combined MRes and PhD programme.

  • Now select "Postgraduate Certificate/ Diploma/ Master's or Intercalated" from the next drop-down menu

  • Applicants applying for the Marketing, and Analytics and Operations programmes will then need to select “Business (MRes 1YFT)”Applicants applying for the Economics and Public Policy, Finance, Strategy and Organisational Behaviour, Innovation and Entrepreneurship pathways will need to choose “Business (MRes 2YFT)”. You must only select “Business [LISS DTP 1+3] (MRes 1YFT)” if you are also planning on completing a LISS Case for Support.

  • Select your entry term, then click "Submit"

  • This will load the Business School application form. Now select “Business School MRes” from the application category.

  • You will need to select a proposed stream/ pathway from the following options based on your research area of interest in either Economics and Public Policy, Finance, Organisational Behaviour and Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marketing or Operations.

As part of your application, you will be required to provide the following:

All of our programmes include some quantitative content and so it is useful for the selection committee to have an understanding of the level of your quantitative experience to date.

You will need to list your experience and level of study for a range of topics including Linear Algebra, Matrix Theory, Calculus and Statistics.

Failure to complete the quantitative experience statement will delay the processing of your application.

You will be asked whether you have experience of using computer software packages and/or programming languages. Please list up to five computer software packages or programming languages that you are familiar with, whether your skills are at beginner, intermediate or advanced level and say what you have used them for. Software and programming skills are not an entry requirement, but it is helpful for the selection committee to understand your previous experience, if any.

If you are unable to provide any topics or examples please enter “no experience of this topic” rather than leaving it blank.

Supporting information

Once you have submitted your application form, you will need to upload the following supporting information to complete your application in time for the application deadline you want to be considered by.

It’s essential we receive your supporting documents and reference information before midnight (UK time) on Monday 9 January 2023. Until we have received all the necessary documents, your application will not be complete and will not be processed.

Once the following information is uploaded, the Doctoral Admissions Team will assess your application and you will be contacted if any additional documents are required. Complete applications will then be considered by the Academic Selection Committee. Applications submitted without a GMAT or GRE score or without references will be considered incomplete and will not be considered.

Contact details of two academic referees (one of which must come from your Master’s degree supervisor). It is expected that applicants who have recently started studying a Master’s degree also request an academic reference from their previous undergraduate institution

Official transcripts showing your module titles and final grades for your Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. If you have not yet finished studying for your Master’s qualification you must provide official transcripts showing your grades to date

We will not consider any applications without the submission of a GMAT or GRE score.

To submit your score online, you must request for it to be shared with Imperial College Business School. Our GMAT code is S22-7S-53 and our GRE code is 0121.

You can download a CV template here.

All Doctoral students must meet our English language entry requirements. 

One of the most important parts of our application form is the ‘Statement of Purpose’. Although you are not expected to have your whole thesis planned at this stage, it is important to prepare an outline as a way of helping you to articulate your knowledge and ideas. It should include the following:

  1. Your motivation for undertaking the programme

  2. A discussion of possible research areas that you might pursue and how these are a good fit for Imperial College Business School

  3. What interests you most about your chosen field of study

  4. Relevant past study, industry or research experience

  5. Long term career goals


If you are shortlisted by the Academic Selection Committee, you will be invited to an interview with a panel of faculty before a final decision is made. In the case of overseas candidates, we will arrange an interview by telephone or via Skype. 

Shortlisted candidates will normally be invited to interview by Wednesday 1 March 2023 at the latest.

Application result

You will be notified of your application result by email as soon as possible after your interview. Following this, you will receive official notification via your Imperial Gateway account from the College Registry team. If you have been granted a place on the programme the official offer notification will let you know of any conditions that you need to complete to take up your place.

If you have any further questions about the application process, please see our FAQs.

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