Full Time Masters MBA Business Course, London UK

Programme overview

The business world is in a constant state of change. Digitisation is transforming the way businesses operate and reshaping the rules of work. With technology redefining industries from marketing to manufacturing, healthcare to human resources, consulting to consumer products, pharma to private equity, business leaders need to understand the change technology brings and have the agility, skills, and confidence to navigate through this ever-evolving environment.

This is where you come in.

Future you is the leader who will understand how to lead through change. Future you will be the leader who transforms how your business performs in a volatile and uncertain world. But you need to futureproof yourself with the skills, mindset, and ability to do this successfully.

This is where we come in.

Our MBA will challenge you to imagine, innovate, and inspire. It will allow you to develop the skills you need to find innovative solutions and create impact in business and society. Whether you’re looking to lead strategy for a Fortune 500 company or launch a microfinancing startup, you will be able to take advantage of an environment that lives and breathes innovation. Sitting at the cross-section of Imperial College London, with the academic rigour expected of a top STEM institution, and the management and leadership expertise of Imperial College Business School, you will be exposed to the latest thinking and experiences that will let you put your newly acquired expertise into practice - before venturing into the real world.

More than ever, the business world needs forward-looking leaders who understand how business can benefit the society it serves. The jobs of tomorrow require leaders who have vision and the ability to define, develop, and drive the strategies that will allow their businesses to excel through times of transformation.

You can be this leader. With Imperial College Business School’s Full-Time MBA, you will be.

Programme content

Technology, innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset underpin everything we do, and everything you learn. Our approach is simple – to give you the confidence, skills, and practical application you need to lead in a technology-driven world.

You will be taught by faculty that are helping to solve the challenges facing global organisations and will share this expertise with you.

You will learn how vital business thinking fuses with the latest insights into data and technology and develop the capabilities organisations need to deliver change in an everchanging business landscape.

You will be exposed to a cross-disciplinary understanding of business that mirrors the workplace and that will enable you to add value to your future company, and your career.

You will work with the minds who are creating the future across the fields of business, technology, science and medicine, and harness the power of interdisciplinary thinking.

You will collaborate with an intimate and diverse class, developing meaningful relationships. The small class size will provide you with a safe space to innovate, experiment, fail, and try again.


Your time on the Imperial MBA will be nothing short of inspiring, challenging, and eye-opening. Joining an intimate class of students, your experience is tailored to your own career objectives, combining your aspiration and vision with our unique learning experience. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to offer a rounded, progressive experience, increasing your potential for social impact, and making you more attractive to employers.

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Timetables and course outlines are subject to change. Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter the timetable when required.

Embarking on an MBA is a decision to be the best in business that you can be, and I am delighted to introduce you to our intensive programme for ambitious business professionals.
Director of the Imperial MBA
Markus Perkmann