Entrepreneurial Journey

Your journey to entrepreneurship begins here

All successful new ventures start as great ideas. But not all great ideas translate into successful ventures. An entrepreneur needs to possess a special mix of creative mindset, business acumen, and an innovative approach to turn the spark of an idea into a marketable proposition that investors will want to back. 

The Entrepreneurial Journey helps you to develop this essential blend of skills. Whether you’re looking to start your own venture or lead the innovation agenda from within your organisation as an intrapreneur, you will learn how to be entrepreneurial. Building on your core teaching in the Design Thinking and Innovative Problem Solving, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship modules, you will take an idea for a new product or service, develop a value proposition, carry out customer discovery research, validate the product or service, and create a fully-fledged business proposal. At the end of your six-month project journey, you will pitch to a panel of investors, and compete for seed funding.

Practical application

A team-based venture startup programme, you may either develop the initial idea yourself by using your initiative to create your own opportunities for ideation and team formation. Or you  may join an “ideator” who supplies an idea and works with you to develop it.

A great opportunity to practice your teamwork skills, you will harness the power of your diverse team, blending skillets and experiences to drive innovation. Using these unique insights and approaches, you will carry out qualitative and quantitative research, and likely interviews with experts in the fields relevant to your product, including marketers, competitors, researchers, lead users, and prospective consumers.

To develop your idea, you will learn through practical workshops on design thinking, lean innovation, customer discovery, legal essentials, and financial modelling.

Access to expertise

Through the Entrepreneurial Journey, you will have access to an ideas marketplace event, idea surgeries, coaching sessions with your entrepreneurship professor, and a practice pitch event, all designed to give you the knowledge needed to bring your idea to fruition.

And you won’t need to look far to access this knowledge and support. The Imperial Enterprise Lab, which works across all Imperial College faculties, connects you to students and experts across the College. The Enterprise Lab also gives you access to exclusive events such as Pitch ‘n’ Mix and Practice Pitch, as well as face time with our Experts in Residence who can help you develop your idea.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

At Imperial College Business School, our mission is to drive global business and social transformation through the fusion of business, technology, and an entrepreneurial mindset. This fusion is not just an idea, but a core practice embedded in everything we do. During your Entrepreneurial Journey, you will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with STEM students or post-docs from around the College, design students from the Royal College of Art or Imperial’s academic entrepreneurs via Imperial Innovations. You can also form teams with your peers from our other MBA programmes. With these expert minds, you will explore the commercial feasibility of ideas based on the latest developments in science, technology, medicine, and design.

This project is offered as one of two projects that focus on building your teamwork skills; you may alternatively choose the Group Consulting Project instead.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem

Innovation and entrepreneurship are in our DNA. It might be in your DNA before you start your MBA journey, or you may spread your entrepreneurial wings as you are inspired by the thinking around you at the Business School. Whether you’re looking to make an impact as an intrapreneur in your organisation, or start your own, we offer unparalleled expertise that will enable you to develop your vision.

There are a wealth of resources across the Imperial community to support student and alumni entrepreneurs, including the Summer Accelorator provided by the Enterprise Lab, MBA Connect, SMARTcamp, Plexus, and Advanced Hackspace.

More on these resources can be found on our Life at the School page.

This project is offered as one of two projects that focus on building your teamwork skills; you may alternatively choose the Group Consulting Project instead.