FTMBA 2019 Innovation Challenge

Apply innovative thinking to generate new, exciting business solutions

How can business insight and imagination transform society? The goal of the Imperial Innovation Challenge, a one week learning laboratory, is to encourage you to apply innovative thinking to complex international issues and generate business solutions. Whether it is eradicating poverty or responding to the scarcity of natural resources, companies have a critical role to play in creating positive social impact.

Imperial College Business School is at the heart of one of the world’s top-ranked research universities. Simulating the interdepartmental and cross-company projects out in the modern business world, the Imperial Innovation Challenge is a window into the impressive activity going on in different departments across campus. This project integrates the Business School with other faculties such as Natural Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to take on global grand challenges in health, energy, environment and the digital universe.

An immersive experience

Working in groups, this immersive experience will see you dive into the given problem at the beginning of day one and present your solution by day five. A week of workshops and eye-opening talks with industry experts will support you in your pursuit for an innovative solution. With access to cutting-edge research, you will create a commercial venture to help towards solving a current global issue. This is an opportunity to showcase the business knowledge you’ve developed during your MBA so far.

As well as increasing your network across the Imperial College London community, the Imperial Innovation Challenge gives you a snapshot into the diversity of the College and the different ways that you can interact with other faculties.

FTMBA Innovation Challenge Week

Imperial Innovation challenge 2017-18

Our 2017-18 cohort were challenged to come up with a business proposal for a product or service around the theme of “Sustainable Mobility: People and Goods in Transition” and present their ideas to a panel of visiting experts, following a week of guest talks, demonstrations and workshops across Imperial.

With two award categories, the most commercial and the greatest impact, the winning ideas were “River Cycle”, turning harmful plastic waste in rivers into bicycles and “Geared Up”, improving mobility for community health workers across developing countries.

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We were challenged to create an innovative solution, leveraging our learning in the other classes. The week was intensive and challenging, but applying the concepts to real-life cases was what took my learning experience to a whole new level. I was awestruck by how rich my classmates’ experiences were and their innovative ideas!
Inez Dominique
Full-Time MBA 2017-18
Inez Dominique