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Practical, real-world experience

During the summer term there are several opportunities for you to apply your knowledge to practical situations and gain real-world business experience.

Consulting Project or Work Placement

You may choose to undertake either a group-based consulting project or a work placement.

Consulting Project: the consulting project will be delivered for a real client, combining the material from the programme to a specific problem and is delivered as part of a team.

Work Placement: the work placement aims to contribute to the development of your potential by providing you the opportunity to apply the material of the programme to a challenging business situation in which you will be fully immersed. It could be carried out with an international or national organisation with a business focus. The work placement will give students who have no or little exposure to a working environment, the opportunity to experience and operate in a real world situation.

In both cases, students may choose to do their project or work placement abroad, experiencing the corporate environment in a country other than the UK. The Business School, the Grantham Institute and the EU’s Climate KIC, with which we have strong ties, have a wide network of companies and organisations and will help students secure placements.

Individual Report

You will complete your studies with a 4,000 word capstone project, which is completed through the summer period, with several milestones during the programme. You will submit a final report for assessment in early September. Academic staff will help, facilitate and finally judge your work but you are ultimately responsible for it and for what you learn from it. It must have a critical, evaluative or analytical element, and add value by creating something new in terms of method, application, ideas and knowledge. The report allows you to put the theory taught on the programme, and the experience you gain on the consulting project or work placement, into practice.

The Climate Change, Management and Finance day in September will bring together students, academics and organisations involved in the summer project for presentations by students, discussions and debates. It will celebrate the achievements of our graduates, in terms of both what they have learnt and the relations they have built among the student cohort and with external organisations.

Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter modules whenever they need to be amended or improved. Faculty may also change as and when required.

"I have accepted a work placement this summer with a sustainable investing fund called Trium Capital that seeks investment opportunities in sectors that are difficult to decarbonise. I will be working on a project about the European airline sector, which is exciting because it will be the perfect opportunity to combine my previous experience with the knowledge gained in this course."
MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 2021
Lara Gutierrez Santander, MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance, student at Imperial College Business School