Transforming recent graduates into future global business leaders

The MSc International Management programme’s distinctive combination of business-focused learning encompasses theory and its application to the real world via practical case studies and hands-on tasks involving companies and other external institutions.

Before you start the programme you will complete online Pre-study modules which will give you basic knowledge of areas which will be covered throughout the academic year. Core management modules, starting in the Autumn term and continuing into Spring term, will give you a solid base of practical knowledge in every subject area.
The Leadership in Action module runs through the whole year and aims to provide international consulting experience and contribute to the development of your leadership potential by applying problem solving techniques to a complex and challenging business problems.

Across the Spring and Summer terms, you will choose an equivalent of seven modules from a range of electives, including some electives that are shared with other Master’s and MBA programmes at Imperial College Business School.


Candidates that fail to successfully complete this degree are not entitled to a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma.

Tech Innovation in Business Speaker Series

At Imperial College Business School, we are proud to attract world-class leaders to campus to share their insights and experiences on current business issues, corporate strategies and complex management situations.

In this new series exclusively for MSc International Management students, industry leaders will visit the Business School to share how technology has impacted their workplace.

The overall goal of the series is to redefine leadership in a technology-driven world, and discuss the challenges and benefits associated to technology innovation in complex business environments.

Previous speakers at the Business School include:

  • Jay Scanlan, SVP and Head of Global Growth Evosystems at GenPact
  • Rowena Maxwell, Managing Director of Head of Customer Insight and Growth at Accenture
  • Bob Flint, Technology Director at BP
  • Rashik Parmar, Technical Executive, Europe at IBM
  • Lucy Cooper, Managing Director, Innovation at Accenture