The Data Science Institute (DSI) is dedicated to advancing research and building community in the exciting interdisciplinary field of data science, the integrative fusion of mathematics, statistics, and computer science applied to address basic and practical problems in the sciences (natural, life, and social), engineering, and society writ broadly. 

The DSI hosts researchers and students conducting their own academic research on a range of topics in areas such as Biomedical Informatics, Data Learning, Image Informatics, Data Visualisation, AI System Architectures, and the Future of Work. 

The unifying theme of our work is the pursuit of innovations for building, exploring, and exploiting modern data sets—that is, large data sets created from disparate sources and types of data through novel curation, transformation, machine learning techniques, and theoretical and practical insights from problem domains. 

Our Objectives

The DSI aims to enhance Imperial's excellence in data-driven research across its faculties by fulfilling the following objectives: 

  • To act as a focal point for coordinating data science research at Imperial College through cross-disciplinary collaboration.  
  • To train and educate the new generation of data scientists. 
  • To develop data management and analysis technologies and services that support research.  
  • To translate data science into innovation collaborating with partners in industry and the public sector, and to support commercialisation. 
  • To promote data science and its applications outside academia and to influence policy makers.  

An Imperial Global Institute

The DSI was founded as one of the seven Global Institutes of Imperial College London. From health inequalities to climate change to the opportunities created by data science and molecular engineering, the Global Institutes exist to address research themes that established academic fields and departments. They are by their nature outward-facing, promoting collaboration with policy makers and businesses and providing independent scientific advice.

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