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Several of our current PhD candidates and fellow researchers at the Data Science Institute have published, or in the proccess of publishing, papers to present their research.  

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  • Conference paper
    Chortaras A, Guo Y, Ghanem MM, Bunnin FOet al., 2003,

    Real options modelling using automated software generation

    , Durham, 7th ioint conference on information sciences (JCIS), Res Triangle Pk, North Carolina, 2003, Publisher: Assoc Intelligent Machinery, Pages: 1044-1048
  • Book chapter
    Guo Y, Bandy J, Rowe A, Wendel P, Ghanem M, Kalaitzopoulos Det al., 2003,

    Smarter data mining

  • Conference paper
    Rowe A, Ghanem M, Guo Y, 2003,

    Using domain mapping to integrate biological and chemical databases

    , International chemical information conference, Nimes, 2003
  • Journal article
    Giannadakis N, Rowe A, Ghanem M, Guo Yet al., 2003,

    InfoGrid: providing information integration for knowledge discovery

    , Information Sciences, Vol: 155, Pages: 199-226
  • Conference paper
    Tamaddoni-Nezhad A, Muggleton S, 2003,

    A genetic algorithms approach to ILP

    , Berlin, 12th international conference on inductive logic programming, Sydney, Australia, 2002, Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Pages: 285-300
  • Journal article
    Rowe A, Kalaitzopolous D, Osmond MA, Ghanem M, Guo YKet al., 2003,

    The discovery net system for high throughput bioinformatics

    , Bioinformatics, Vol: 19, Pages: 225-231
  • Conference paper
    Chortaras A, Ghanem M, Guo Y, 2003,

    Automatic generation of software components for real options modelling

    , International conference of computational methods in sciences and engineering (ICCMSE 2003), September 2003, Kastoria, Greece, Pages: 118-121
  • Conference paper
    Muggleton S, Tamaddoni-Nezhad A, Watanabe H, 2003,

    Induction of enzyme classes from biological databases

    , Berlin, 13th international conference on inductive logic programming, Szeged, Hungary, Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Pages: 269-280
  • Conference paper
    Tamaddoni-Nezhad A, Muggleton S, Bang J, 2003,

    A Bayesian model for metabolic pathways

    , International joint conference on artificial intelligence (IJCAI03) workshop on learning statistical models from relational data, IJCAI, 2003, Pages: 50-57
  • Journal article
    Ghanem MM, Guo Y, Lodhi H, Zhang Yet al., 2002,

    Automatic scientific text classification using local patterns: KDD CUP 2002 (task 1)

    , SIGKDD Explor. Newsl., Vol: 4, Pages: 95-96, ISSN: 1931-0145
  • Conference paper
    Ghanem M, Guo Y, Rowe A, Wendel Pet al., 2002,

    Grid-based knowledge discovery services for high throughput informatics

    , Los Alamitos, 11th IEEE international symposium on high performance distributed computing (HPDC-11), Edinburgh, Scotland, 2002, Publisher: IEEE Computer Soc, Pages: 416-416
  • Report
    Tamaddoni-Nezhad A, Muggleton S, 2002,

    Closed loop machine learning: complexity of ASE-Progol

    , Departmental technical report (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. Department of Computing) ;, Publisher: Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Department of Computing, 8
  • Conference paper
    Ghanem M, Giannadakis N, Guo Y, Rowe Aet al., 2002,

    Information integration for e-science

    , 1st UK e-science all-hands conference, Sheffield, UK, September 2002
  • Book chapter
    Correll M, Beaulah S, Munro R, Sheldon J, Guo Yet al., 2002,

    Data Mining Tools and Techniques for Identification of Biomarkers for Cancer

    , Biological Data Mining, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series, Editors: Chen, Publisher: CRC Press
  • Journal article
    Grossman R, Guo Y, 2002,

    Data mining tasks and methods: parallel methods for scaling data mining algorithms to large data sets

    , Handbook of data mining and knowledge discovery, Pages: 433-442

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