wind turbine in a green field

We research the generation of low-carbon energy, and explore all things metals, minerals, and mining – with a focus on sustainability.

We explore and develop new methods to sustainably extract and produce renewable and low-carbon energy, and for energy storage and decarbonisation.  Our research seeks to improve the sustainability and mitigate the environmental impacts of the generation of energy. 

Our research scope also extends to the sustainable sourcing, mining and utilisation of Earth's resources, addressing the surging demand for metals in the green energy transition.  

Aligned with our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable, and resource-efficient future for our planet and global community, our research takes a holistic approach to sustainable energy and resource management. 

Our work spans many research fields, covering topics such as: 

  • Characterisation and modelling of subsurface;  
  • Renewable energy;  
  • Carbon capture and storage; 
  • Mobile energy storage in batteries and fuel cells; 
  • Large-scale subsurface energy storage; 
  • Geothermal energy and underground thermal energy storage; 
  • Nuclear energy and waste disposal;
  • Lifecycle analysis of low-carbon energy; 
  • Ore formation processes; 
  • Advanced mineral exploration techniques including isotope analysis and remote sensing; 
  • Rock mechanics and fracturing for improved block caving prediction; 
  • Environmental modelling and life cycle assessment; and 
  • Minerals processing equipment and circuit design, modelling and optimisation. 

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