The Department is committed to ensuring there are no barriers to career success for all our staff, and we encourage everyone to take up career development, leadership, and relevant training opportunities.

Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP)

coffeeThe College is committed to creating a supportive, inclusive and highly motivated staff community across all disciplines, functions and activities. One of the ways we do this is through the annual Personal Review and Development Plan process (PRDP).

The aim of the PRDP process is to celebrate our achievements, enhance our performance, and identify our personal development goals and how to meet them. 

A PRDP is a conversation that focuses on the previous year's work, plans and objectives for the forthcoming year, and includes the preparation of an individual development plan. All staff should have a PRDP session once a year with their line manager or supervisor.

Sabbatical leave for Academic refreshment

The Department is very supportive of academic sabbatical leave. It can be a valuable exercise for staff, providing opportunities to help develop a new research idea, transition into a new topic, or to build strong collaborative links with your hosts.

Staff networks

  • Imperial has a number of staff networks that aim to encourage collaborative working, knowledge sharing, and opportunities for staff development and social engagement.
  • These include forums for various staff groups including technicians, professional and operational staff, educators, postdocs and fellows - as well as our equality and diversity networks that work to raise awareness of issues, and organise events and leadership and development opportunities.
  • In the department we have staff networks for Fellows and Postdoc staff, and for Professional, Technical and Operational staff:

Staff networks in EEE

PTO staff forum

PTO Staff Forum

The EEE Professional, Technical and Operational Staff Forum is an opportunity for all PTO staff in our department to get together as a team, both socially and to share information about what is happening across the Department and the College.

Contact the Department Operations Manager to suggest topics for the next meeting.