The Collge offers special leave for when you might need to take time off work for domestic or personal matters, or to attend essential civil or public duties. It's also in the best interests of the College to enable staff to collaborate with colleagues in other institutions or industry, take a period of academic refreshment, pursue research interests or to study in relation to your work at the College. 

You can view the Special Leave Policy here with further information below: Special Leave

Special leave types
Type of leave (visit page for process of taking leave type)Maximum amount of leave for eligible staff (per year unless otherwise stated)
Compassionate 5 working days
Parental Bereavement Leave 4 weeks
Domestic emergencies 1 day
Family emergencies 3 working days
Jury service Duration of the jury service
Leave of absence Various and normally unpaid
Leave for public duties 10 days - magistrates 
5 days - other public bodies
Leave for witness duty As required by the Court Service
Parental leave 18 weeks per child (unpaid)
Sabbatical leave for Academic refreshment Various, up to 3 terms maximum, and may be paid or unpaid
Sabbatical leave for Personal refreshment Between 3 and 12 months (unpaid)
Service in the Volunteer Reserve Forces 10 days 
Up to 12 months if mobilised
Study leave 3 days
Unpaid leave Various (unpaid)