Briefing papers

There is a lot of research going on at the College examining the new energy service propositions and the regulatory and policy frameworks required to direct investment to transform our systems.

This work allows the College to shape energy policy and promote innovation by identifying issues relevant to future policymaking and analysing the evidence base for energy policies.

Energy Futures Lab also undertakes work in its on right within the policy sphere, including a regular series of Briefing Papers aimed at all stakeholders in the energy sector.

This work is led by Dr Rob Gross, Energy Futures Lab's Director of Policy and Director of the Centre for Energy Policy and Technology.

The institute has also produced a number of ad-hoc reports and documents that tackle particular topics or calls-for-evidence.

  • Enabling a transition to low carbon economies
    An examination of options for meeting the expected energy demand for 2050 on the assumption that economic growth will continue is necessary in order to plan infrastructure investments that will still be functioning in 2050.