Ian Julian Redmayne studied Civil Engineering at Imperial, graduating in 1989, then returned to the College in 2009 for the Weekend Executive MBA at the Business School.

We spoke to Ian about his decision to leave a gift in his Will.

What motivated you to leave a legacy gift to the College?

I completed two courses at Imperial, and it has been the foundation to my success in business. My wife and I didn’t have children and wanted to leave our money to good causes.

The College has played, and continues to play, such an important part of my life, through the MBA colleagues that I still meet with regularly, and the alumni that I meet through client organisations.

What do you hope your gift will accomplish?

I hope my gift will enable less fortunate students to attend Imperial and enjoy the rich experiences that I did.

Do you have a fond memory of your time at Imperial that you could share?

Many fond memories, from playing rugby for City & Guilds, to study tours in China and Japan during my WEMBA course. I am still in touch with some of my MBA cohort and we regularly catch up around the world.

What advice would you give to current students?

Make the most of every opportunity, both from a study point of view, but also networking. I always tell young graduates that as an employer, we can provide opportunities, but it is up to them to grasp them and make the most of them.

In conversation with Ian and Hormoz

In conversation with Ian and Hormoz

In conversation with Ian Redmayne, Executive MBA 2009 and Hormoz Ramian, PhD in Finance.