What is the purpose of the study?

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. Breast screening aims to find cancers early, when treatment is more successful. In the UK breast screening programme, two cancer specialists (radiologists and radiographers) review the x-ray images (mammograms) taken during your visit. They decide if the mammogram is normal or whether further imaging or investigation is required. Any disagreements between the two specialists are reviewed further by a third specialist.

This research aims to test the ability of a new computer system developed by Google that uses a technology called artificial intelligence (AI) to help detect potential signs of cancer in the breast images (mammograms) that are taken during your screening visit.

Using artificial intelligence to help detect breast cancer

Using AI to help detect breast cancer

In this video we explain more about this research and what we are hoping to achieve. Google Health has proven that artificial intelligence can help detect breast cancer on mammograms as accurately as experts. We hope to bring these benefits to people in a clinical setting, with the end goal of ​​assisting screening specialists and giving them more time to connect with patients.