We have published Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for all online forms submitted to the HR Staff Hub.

Some of the SLAs are based on responding to a request and some focus on resolving them.

Respond means that an Agent from the HR Staff Hub will contact you personally to either ask for more information, arrange a meeting or begin processing your request. We have used SLAs based on response time for requests which normally require further discussion or a waiting period before they can be completed.

Resolve means that the HR Staff Hub will aim to completely process your request and no further action is required. We have used SLAs based on resolution time for requests which can normally be processed completely based on the information contained in the online form.

The SLAs for online forms are:

  • Contract changes (8 working days to resolve)
  • Leavers (5 working days to resolve)
  • Mid and Final probation (3 working days to resolve)
  • Maternity Leave Request (7 working days to respond)
  • Request to Start Consultation (5 working days to respond)
  • Paternity/Maternity Support Leave (7 working days to respond)

SLAs for General Queries

An SLA for general queries submitted to the HR Staff Hub will be confirmed later this year.

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