Industrial action affecting public transport

Tube train

Guidance for Heads of Department/Divisions

The College recognises that periods of industrial action affecting tube, bus or rail services, not only causes disruption to the normal commute our staff take into work but also causes an increased burden for staff who have to find other ways to get to their campus, sometimes increasing journey times or travelling at different times to the norm, both of which may cause their own issues. It also understands that the effects of industrial action impact not only on the ability of staff to carry out their normal day to day work, but that it also affects their mental health, personal relationships and work-life balance.

The College wishes to support its staff during these periods and to be as flexible as the operational requirements of each department/division permits. During periods of industrial action, Heads of Departments/ Divisions will need to give guidance to staff and to support them in their efforts to carry out their work duties and responsibilities. The following guidance is offered:

  • Each member of your staff is expected to make a good effort to present him/herself for work. Please be mindful that individuals may have varying factors effecting what constitutes a good effort, e.g. level of fitness in relation to walking distances, mobility issues, caring responsibilities for dependents (where additional caring arrangements need to be made in order for the member of staff to leave home earlier/get home later) etc.

Where no other means of transport is available, a walk of up to one hour in each direction* (approximately four miles) is not considered unreasonable, except for those who are disabled or otherwise infirm or for whom such a journey would be a risk to health. *in line with Civil Service guidelines.

  • Give consideration to whether working arrangements may be altered for the period of disruption to public transport services. Whilst discretion may be used, the following alternatives are suggested as possibilities, subject to your prior approval:
    • Working early or late start and finish times, to avoid peak travel times or to co-ordinate with others sharing travel arrangements; o Redistributing hours of work over fewer but longer days, provided that this is acceptable in terms of the needs of the Department/Division;
    • Working from home;
    • Taking leave (paid or unpaid), provided that this is acceptable in terms of the needs of the Department/Division.

Those members of staff who normally travel by car should be asked to consider giving lifts to colleagues.

Staff who do not hold parking permits should not bring cars to the College. Parking regulations have to be strictly enforced to comply with safety and fire regulations.

Enquiries: Please address any queries to the HR Staff Hub.

Published November 2001

Updated March 2017